Wonder Woman is an American superhero film based on DC comics. The jaw-dropping news floating these days is that Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman encountered an assassin who could be DC’s version of a Pokemon Trainer.

The assassins are two colossal monsters that spring out of the Red balls. Moreover, they are not very effective in attacking. Then Harley takes an intelligent move by luring the giant monsters with doughnuts out into the street. The doughnuts reduce their invasion skills. Ultimately an incoming car proves to be super effective against both the creatures.


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In the DC sequel Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace, Harley Quinn, and Wonder woman join troops to confront a real estate developer. He is a leader of criminals. Following this, a vicious man named Simon Wickett blew up the buildings and bought the cheap property.

However, things got complicated and worse when Wicket is after Harley Quinn’s Island property. To seize the property, Wicket sends several assassins after Harley. But the eye-opener is that one of these assassins whose name is Red Ball turns out to bear a resemblance to Pokemon Trainer.

Red Ball is hired by Wickett to kill Harley. He enters by tossing two of the balls into the same room as Harley and Diana. The balls expanded with giant monsters developing in front of them.

The monsters are “totally different every time.” This led to thinking that Red Ball either creates these monsters in pseudo-eggs or contains captured monsters in those red balls.


Wonder Woman Harley Quinn Pokemon

There is a lot of similarity between the red ball and the Pokemon trainer. Firstly these monsters are large and powerful creatures like Pokemon. Just like Pokemon uses moves like Bite and gash to attack the opponents, monsters also try to bite. Furthermore, neither trainers nor Red Ball, fight with their bodies. Instead, they send monsters out to fight for their battles. Both red spheres contain monsters, and these monsters are animals.


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Whenever the opposing trainer sees the main character passing by, whether the character is ready or not, the trainer always commences the battle. Similarly, when Harley and Wonder Woman passes by the Red balls, the monsters initiate the fight with them. When all of this is taken into consideration, it seems  Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn slipped into the realm of Kanto.


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