Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s rivalry is an open book now.  When a SpaceX rocket explosion destroyed a Facebook satellite in 2016, Zuckerberg openly expressed his disappointment about Space X’s failure. Similarly, when Facebook got entangled in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Musk publicly deleted his company’s Facebook pages. Despite their companies’ past partnerships, the two billionaires, who are among the richest people on the planet, have no love lost.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg Says He Is Ready To Fight Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been long engaged in public bickering. The rivalry has been a recurring one over the last couple of years. Recently the Twitter owner, now rebranded as X had stated that his cage fight with Zuckerberg would be live-streamed on the aforementioned platform. This was followed by Zuckerberg taking jabs at the Tesla boss. The exact time and location for the billionaire battle is not yet decided.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg shows off ripped physique after training with Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski.

The Facebook founder recently posted on Threads, “I’m ready today,” “I suggested Aug 26 when he first challenged, but he hasn’t confirmed. Not holding my breath.” Zuckerberg added, “I love this sport and will continue competing with people who train no matter what happens here.” Based on the rumors both the parties have been training to the core to beat each other in the cage. Well! one can only wait and watch to know that who will emerge as the ultimate winner in this bitter rivalry.

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Complete History of Elon Musk Vs. Mark Zuckerberg Feud

The billionaire tech CEOs, who helm Tesla, SpaceX, and Facebook, respectively have been embroiled in a public feud since at least 2016, when a SpaceX rocket explosion destroyed a Facebook satellite. Since then, they have left no opportunities to lock horns and criticize each other. For more than seven years, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have clashed over everything from artificial intelligence to rockets.

Mark Zuckerberg
Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to hold cage fight.

The arch-rivalry between the two influential tech billionaires has heated up in recent weeks, with challenges coming for a cage fight and a literal d*ck measuring contest. Early this year, Musk tweeted that Meta-owned Instagram makes people depressed, and in May said that WhatsApp cannot be trusted anymore. Things escalated between the two when in July this year Musk said he’s “up for a cage match if [Zuckerberg] is.” The meta-owner replied a screenshot of the tweet and asking for the location. The fight of the billionaires now seems to be taking new twists and turns.

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