Just a few more days till the X-Men ‘97 finale airs and answers all the questions fans have been asking since the series first premiered. The animated show has been nothing short of greatness as it perfectly honored the legacy of the 1992 show while carving a unique path for itself.

The constant tug of war as the mutants fight evils attacking the world, and the humans who hate them so badly, gets more intriguing with each episode. Moreover, X-Men ‘97 has been able to ignite nostalgia among fans who loved X-Men: The Animated Series by incorporating some of the most iconic moments it featured.

“The Brave Always Die First:” Magneto in X-Men ‘97 Episode 9

Magneto in X-Men '97
Magneto in X-Men ’97

The thrilling and dynamic ending of episode 9 of X-Men ‘97 left fans in awe of the story, and the ending we can expect in the finale Tolerance is Extinction Part 3. Magneto’s aspirations and motives in the X-Men storyline have always been close to a question mark since he believes in keeping mutant interests first, but there have been moments where he was swayed by his pal Charles Xavier’s words of wisdom.

Episode 9 of X-Men ‘97 showed Magneto fighting Bastion’s prime sentinels and thwarting their plan of action. However, the EMP wave sent out by Magneto affected the entire planet as the electricity was cut off across the globe. The X-Men, divided into two teams, try to tackle the adversity from all angles and do their best to stop mass destruction. Magneto, now powered by his hatred against mankind, rises against the X-Men who only want peace and stability in the world.

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Magneto attacks Wolverine in X-Men '97 episode 9
Magneto attacks Wolverine in X-Men ’97 episode 9

While the Gold team faces off against Sinister and his minions, the Blue team tackles an angry Magneto. Xavier’s telepathic powers prove useless as Magneto dons the helmet to stop him from entering his mind. In the meanwhile, Wolverine charges ahead and stabs Magneto with his claws. What he says next gives goosebumps to all viewers.

“Been in a lot of wars, bub. The brave always die first.”

This is a very clever callback to what Magneto says in the finale of the 1992 animated series. Much like the viewers, all the X-Men on-screen are also stunned at this encounter and are left speechless. However, Wolverine should have learned a valuable lesson from the MCU when Thor stabbed Thanos in the chest. Magneto recovers from the attack instantaneously and pulls the adamantium out of Wolverine in the shadow of his burgeoning anger.

What is the Significance of Wolverine’s Dialogue?

Wolverine And Magneto fighting In X-Men '97
Wolverine and Magneto fighting In X-Men ’97

The powerful dialogue delivered by Wolverine in episode 9 of X-Men ‘97 is better understood when we know how Magneto said the same thing in the earlier X-Men: The Animated Series. This served as a warning to the X-Men when they decided to go to Bolvar Trask and save President Kelly. As Wolverine said it to Magneto, we understand the warning and the brutality in his actions as he stabs Magneto.

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In the original series, Magneto says that to himself as the X-Men are flying off. However, the callback acts as a bridge between Wolverine and Magneto who are more similar than they realize. Wolverine, much like the Master of Magnetism, is capable of brutal actions to set things straight.

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