The highly anticipated continuation of one of Marvel’s most beloved animated series is about to become a reality. The upcoming animated series X-Men ’97 is a direct follow-up of the 1990-based X-Men: The Animated Series. X-Men ’97 is all set to release on Disney+ on March 20th, promising to reignite the emotion of viewers who grew up with the original version of it.

X-Men ’97
X-Men: The Animated Series

Furthermore, what Jake Castorena, the head director of X-Men ’97, recently said about the show only heightened the excitement surrounding it. He emphasized the significance of animation as a powerful storytelling medium, hinting at a fresh approach in X-Men ’97.

Jake Castorena’s Innovative Vision in Crafting X-Men ’97

X-Men: The Animated Series

The highly anticipated series X-Men’97 is being made under the vision of Jake Castorena serving as the project’s supervising producer and head director. In a recent interview, Castorena shed light on some intriguing updates of the upcoming show. Discussing the challenges of aligning the animation with the original series, he highlighted a particularly noteworthy point.

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Castorena emphasized that animation transcends being merely a children’s medium; it is, in fact, another potential tool of storytelling. His remarks suggested a commitment to maintaining the essence of the previous version while infusing it with fresh approaches.

Jake Castorena told MovieFone,

“Where is the fresh but familiar? Where is the show that we know and love and the show that we remember, right? The show that we feel. But also finding that delicate balance of what coworkers, friends, and peers are doing in the industry right now with the medium and just elevating animation. Not only that, but further showing that animation isn’t just a children’s medium, it’s another way to tell stories. “

He expressed the team’s meticulous attention to ensuring that every aspect of the animated visuals is crafted beautifully in the new series. Castorena further said,

“Same responsibility must come in the visual because unfortunately we can’t put a script on screen. The audience is here to hear and feel those words on those stories, but they want to see the X-Men. So, the rest of our in-house team and I were tasked with what does that look like? What does that feel like? Where are those parameters and just what is too clean? What is too HD? What is too aged? What is too filmed like on a potato?”

With such dedication to maintaining originality,  fans can anticipate innovative visuals with nostalgic surprises in X-Men’97. The result, according to Castorena, is going to be a blend of familiarity and freshness that promises to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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The Surprising Return of Original X-Men Cast in X-Men ’97


The legacy of X-Men: The Animated Series, which premiered its first episode in October 1992 and concluded its five-season run in September 1997, continues with the highly anticipated television-based animated series, X-Men ’97. Created by Beau DeMayo, this new installment serves as a direct follow-up to its predecessor.

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Moreover, The new show even features many of the original voice actors reprising their iconic roles to deliver a serious nostalgia rush. The head director Jake Castorena told Radio Times,

“If we’re doing this show, we got to do it with the legacy cast – that was the decision from day one,” said Castorena. “[But] time hits us all – it’s been 30 years and so, unfortunately, some of the legacy voice cast is no longer with us, and some of the legacy voice cast, voices and things just change.”

After 27 years, beloved performers such as Cal Dodd as Wolverine, Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, Lenore Zann as Rogue, and George Buza as Beast are back to breathe life into their characters once again. However, over time, some members of the original cast, including Norm Spencer (Cyclops) and David Hamblen (Magneto), have since passed away.

This thoughtful approach ensures that both new and old fans can experience the magic of X-Men ’97 while honoring the legacy of its predecessor.

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