The fate of the MCU and the X-Men hangs in the balance until the much-awaited movie Deadpool and Wolverine hits the theatres. While Marvel is keeping fans entertained with weekly episodes of the delightful show X-Men ‘97, the magic of live-action projects is unparalleled.

Seeing talented actors take on superhero roles and perform incredible fight sequences is an exhilarating experience. From comic-accurate costumes to budding rivalries, it’s a thrill to see the comic book stories in a live-action format on screen.

MCU Plans to Reboot X-Men and make them Canon

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

Depending on the success of Deadpool and Wolverine, Marvel Studios is apparently planning to reboot the X-Men universe and include them in the burgeoning MCU storyline. With Kang eliminated from the plan, the studios are anyway looking to infuse more life into the projects, trying to delight fans nonetheless. Moreover, looking at the response received by the animated X-Men ‘97 series, fans seem more inclined towards seeing the crew back in action for more projects.

Chase Conley and Emi Yonemura have directed the episodes of X-Men ’97 season 1. The powerful mutants have made their place in fans’ hearts as they return weekly to get a new dose of the narrative. The directors of the animated show also seem keen to work with Marvel again. In an interview with ScreenRant, they expressed their desire to work on the live-action X-Men movie in the MCU and embrace the challenge fully.

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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are excited for Deadpool 3
Deadpool and Wolverine

While both directors understand the pros and cons of both mediums, they claim that every story deserves a good format to be able to bring out certain emotions in people. Yonemura added,

“Look at the response to episode 5, look at the emotions that we can still pull out of people and those are drawn faces. It’s to get people to connect the characters and it’s not an actor’s face, which is a lot easier for us to connect to.”

Animation certainly gives creators more freedom to be creative and imaginative, live-action works well to underscore the thrill of action and the depth of emotional scenes too. Nevertheless, Yonemura and Conley are top choices among the fandom to direct any upcoming X-Men in MCU projects since they have captured the pulse of the mutant community well.

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Upcoming X-Men ‘97 Episodes

x-men '97
Cyclops and Jean Grey

New episodes of the animated show X-Men ‘97 are released every Wednesday as fans sit glued to their screens to know what happens next. After the breathtaking episode 5 where the attack on Genosha takes everyone by surprise, fans cannot wait for the next episode to release. The promo for episode 6 teases a great war as mutants protect as many people as they can.

There might be a few easter eggs in this promo, something to entice viewers and ensure they return in a few days to witness the spectacle in action. Without giving away the entire episode, it does chart a course for the narrative to pick up where it left off in episode 5 and further the already increasing suspense.

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