Hollywood heartthrob Chris Evans is well-known as MCU’s Captain America. From playing roles in Marvel movies to starring in films like Snowpiercer, Gifted, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World among others, he has garnered a massive fan base. Despite this, his love life seems to be full of challenges, and the major challenge for him always comes through the fans. 

Chris Evans’ brother opened up about all the troubles our favorite superhero has been facing because of intense scrutiny by the fans. He even tried to defend the romance of his brother with Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actress.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

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Scott Evans Tried to Defend His Brother Chris Evans

Chris Evans is now off the market, as per reports from multiple outlets. Rumors have it that the 42-year-old actor married the star of the Warrior Nun, Alba Baptista, in a very small ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts. Before these reports circulated, Chris Evan’s brother Scott Evans spoke for the couple on an episode of The Viall Files podcast. He said:

“It’s tough, people can ruin things pretty quickly. The way people can be, it can make it pretty hard to date someone like that because you think like, ‘oh I’m just dating a person, he’s a guy’, and then all of a sudden it’s article after article after post after post… (and) everybody is just being like you are a piece of c*** to anybody he’s tried to date and just destroying them. You can only take that for so long and it makes relationships kind of hard for him.”

Chris Evans and Scott Evans
Chris Evans and Scott Evans

It is true that both Evans and his 26-year-old girlfriend Baptista faced a lot of criticism since they went public. They confirmed the relationship in November 2022. It was later that the MCU star’s brother finally opened up about how difficult it was for Evans to date.

Scott Evans then continued to say that Twitter was not such a big deal when his brother stepped into the entertainment industry. It has been quite a journey since then, as with time, Chris Evans‘ fame kept growing and so did people’s boldness about things that they deem appropriate.

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Chris Evans Has Been Open to Settling Down

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista
Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Evans has been quite open with his desire to be married and raise a family. He has been in numerous high-profile relationships. Some of his past romantic partners include Minka Kelly, Christina Ricci, Lily James, and Jenny Slate.

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It was during an interview that it was revealed by his brother that the MCU star and Baptista are pretty serious about one another, and he doesn’t mind if they decide to take steps ahead in the future. He approves of their wonderful relationship and looks like his wish has come true.

It was revealed to US Weekly that both the celebrities got serious in quite a short time. As per the insider, they used to spend most of the time at Evans home in Massachusetts, and they are loving their quiet life there, completely away from the spotlight. Earlier, Chris Evans said that even though he wished to settle down, he wanted to take his time before doing that.

Well, seems like they had enough time to think over this, as the couple allegedly tied the knot in a private ceremony over the weekend.

Source: The Viall Files

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