We get a new look at Wonder Woman 1984 in the form of the opening scene of the film. HBO Max has revealed the sequence that will kick off the highly-anticipated DC sequel when it comes out later this month. As recently announced, WarnerMedia will release the film in both theatres and HBO Max on the same day, giving viewers a choice. Now they have drawn the curtain to give fans a small taste of what is to come this Christmas. Before the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 in theatres, Warner Bros. has shared the first minutes of the film, and it is impressive.

Wonder Woman 1984 Is Not a Sequel, According to Patty Jenkins | Vanity Fair

Opening scene

Today there was a virtual premiere of the film on dc fandome. The event has also featured the opening scene from Wonder Woman 1984. It’s one of many incredibly well-executed scenes in the DC Comics sequel.

The clip focuses on a young Diana Prince in her teens in Themyscira. It begins with a voiceover of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman saying, “Sometimes my childhood feels so far away.”

We then look back at the Amazons displaying their skills in a coliseum as Diana watches in awe. He then gets in on the action and, along with many of his older colleagues, takes part in a tough competition. As we can see, this competition would help prepare them for the future, which is about fighting the bad guys and saving the world. The scene is cut to show Wonder Woman running down the street in the present before the competition can begin.

Watch the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984 | EW.com

The cast of the movie

Patty Jenkins is back in the director’s chair. Jenkins was a big part of what made the first Wonder Woman a considerable success. So, of course, he came back for follow-up care. As for the cast, Chris Pine will also return as Steve Trevor, despite what happened to him in the last movie. Diana Prince of Gal Gadot will face not just one, but two enemies this time. Pedro Pascal is on board as Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wiig plays Barbara Minerva / Cheetah. Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta also return.

Wonder Woman 1984, Originally expected to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2020. Sadly, the year had other plans. Theatres have been closed for almost a year, and even those that are open have problems. The studio had to delay the launch several times and ultimately opted for a hybrid strategy.

Wonder Woman 1984' Cast Poses in New 'Breakfast Club' Easter Egg Photo

Release of the movie

Initially, this concept of simultaneous HBO Max and theatrical release was unique. WarnerMedia then brought the industry to its knees by revealing that it would do the same for its entire 2021 film franchise. 

In addition to the industry-wide impact, it allows viewers to watch the blockbuster from the comfort of their home or the theatre should they need it. The movie is available to HBO Max subscribers for a full month at no additional cost.

After that time, it will go through the usual moves of going to theatres internationally. It is releasing through digital retailers and eventually receiving a physical release. Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on December 25. Check out the new HBO Max Canal Internet YouTube clip.

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