WarnerMedia recently announced its decision to release Warner Bros’s 2021 movies in theatres as well as on  HBO Max App. Wonder Woman 1984 can be watched by HBO Max subscribers at home during the Christmas Holiday season. The movies will feature dual release in theatres as well as on the HBO Max app.

Hybrid Theatrical Release Approach

A still from Dune
WarnerMedia’s Dune to see a Dual release in 2021

WarnerMedia has announced that all of the 17 movies that it will release next year will bear the same date release for both theatres as well as on the HBO Max app. The blockbuster 17 movies set to come next year, include Dune, New Matrix sequel, The Suicide Squad. A one-month running time will be provided for the movies to run on the HBO Max app starting from the day of its theatre release.

Theatres might not be happy with Warner Media’s Dual release decision since it will severely affect their revenue. . Moreover, with this move, WarnerMedia will give HBO Max the perfect advantage and stand in line with its competitor, Netflix. The CEO of WarnerMedia, claim that the decision regarding diving into the world of streaming was in plans since quite some time.

Dual Release Master Plan by Jason

A glimpse of WarnerMedia CEO, Jason Kilar
WarnerMedia CEO in ongoing talks with theatres

Jason Kilar CEO, WarnerMedia made this announcement stating that the current pandemic forced them to think about this decision, and after finally announcing the Wonder Woman 1984 release, it felt great.

Wonder Woman 1984 to Feature on HBO Max on Christmas

A look at the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 Film
Wonder Woman 1984, the first movie to appear on HBO Max during Christmas

As the company kept delaying the release of its movies pushing the dates for a much-awaited theatre release only. The new announcement will be a blessing for actors and behind-the-scenes personalities, who still have their contracts going on.

Fans are happy to hear the dual release decision by WarnerMedia. However, there is one drawback that HBO Max is currently not available internationally, but the work of launching the same is in progress.

Currently, WarnerMedia is trying its level best to crack a deal with Roku, a popular streaming platform. Apart from that, Roku will also prove to be an indirect way to get hands-on with a large subscriber base. However, the deal between Roku and WarnerMedia is still under negotiation.

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