Will Smith toward the end of March 2022 broke the internet and took over the headlines. With the infamous ‘slap’ incident at the 94th Academy Awards. Chris Rock, the famous comedian was on stage and remarked on Jada Smith, his wife. To which, Will Smith reacted by walking up on stage during Rock’s presentation and slapping him on Live Tv.

The infamous Chris Rock and Will Smith 'slap' incident
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock, at the 94th Academy Awards.

This made headlines, around the world. The incident became the center of social media discussions, memes, and news for months to come. Will Smith is banned from the Oscars for 10 years owing due to the occurrence. The actor lost multiple projects owing to the same. While fans sided with either of the celebrities, to express their support. 

Kevin Hart’s recent take on the Will Smith-Chris Rock ‘slap controversy’

Kevin Hart, a standup comedian, actor, and a close friend of Smith’s recently opened up about the Rock-Smith slap incident. Kevin Hart opened said that Will Smith is in a better space. He also said that he loves Chris Rock and further asked to give him an ‘opportunity’. During the premiere of a movie, Hart shared in a media interaction that the Men In Black actor is ‘apologetic’ and he’s in a ‘better space than what he was after. Kevin Hart added that how people are humans, who sometimes make mistakes. He further said that he hopes that they find ‘solace’ and move past it.

Kevin Hart.
Kevin Hart, at an event.

Speaking of Chris Rock, Kevin Hart further added, “I still love him, I still love Chris, and, you know, you can’t judge a person by one thing. Ultimately, life goes on and people grow, so allow him to do so.” Quite interestingly, the slapping incident between Smith and Rock was made into one of Kevin Hart’s jokes during a performance on his, Reality Check tour. Kevin Hart continues to be a friend of either of the two. While siding with none of them in particular. The comedian believes both parties simply had a ‘rough day’ and that does not take away anything from their illustrious careers, as stars in their respective fields.

The Academy’s ruling on the matter.

While fans, friends, and families may pick their sides and have their opinions regarding the matter. The ultimate call and the one that matters the most is of The Academy Academy itself. One of, if not the most prestigious organizations in the entertainment industry. The Oscars banned Will Smith for 10 years from attending any Academy events or programs in person or virtually.

Will Smith poses with his Oscar award, for his role in ‘King Richard.’

Will Smith went on to accept the Best Actor Award for King Richard, on the same night of the infamous incident. During his acceptance speech, Chris Rock apologized to the academy and resigned from it. Chris, hence can’t vote anymore but may continue to be nominated.

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