In a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Rick Riordan the mastermind behind the beloved Percy Jackson and the Olympians books has come up with a new promise. As the books and their storylines are once again going to have a cinematic adaptation under Disney, Riordan promises a more faithful adaptation of the books this time.

Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan

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Rick Riordan Promises Faithful Adaption of Percy Jackson with Disney

After being adapted as a movie, the great story of Percy Jackson will now be seen as a show with multiple episodes dwelling deeper into each of the characters enjoyed by fans in the books. The show will now be produced under Disney, alongside the close observation of Rick Riordan.

Talking about this Riordan the creator of Percy Jackson and the Olympians has promised fans to have a more faithful adaption of the books this time around. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly which was conducted prior to the start of the WAG and SAG-AFTRA strike, Riordan said that both he and his wife are closely working on the project and fans can accept a faithful adaption of the story, for which they have been awaiting since a long time.

Percy Jackson Under Disney
Percy Jackson Under Disney

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As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Riordan said “We have been involved in the series since its inception, since the very, very earliest conversations about what a new Percy adaptation might look like, how it would be sketched out, whether it would be episodic. So, I feel comfortable telling fans of the books who have been waiting — in some cases, decades — for this kind of faithful adaptation, that this is the one you’ve been waiting for. We are involved and I think you’re gonna love it.”

This news by the creator has fans more than excited as they eagerly wait for the show to start off.

All About Percy Jackson Season 1

The first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is said to come on Disney+ on December 20, 2023. Although only two episodes will be released on December 20 with subsequent installments rolling out weekly.

Rick Riordan with the cast of Percy Jackson
Rick Riordan with the cast of Percy Jackson

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The cast of the show included Walker Scobell who will play the role of Percy Jackson. Apart from this Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri will be playing the role of Percy’s friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood.

The first season of the show will cover the very first book The Lightning Thief where Percy will come to terms with his newfound divine powers when the sky god, Zeus, accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter

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