In the surprising world of Marvel, yet another rumor has surrounded the highly awaited Avengers: Secret Wars movie. This time the speculation involves the iconic Blade star Wesley Snipes. Reports have been around that Snipes, the Blade trilogy star, will be seen again in the Avengers: Secret Wars movie fighting Kang. While there have not been any official updates on the same, the rumors alone have taken the internet by Storm.

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes

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Wesley Snipes Will Be Returning as Blade in Avengers: Secret Wars?

While the Multiverse Saga has already set its foot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is eventually said to culminate in Avengers: Secret Wars. As the movie will be the end of Marvel Phase 6, the excitement around it is growing by each day.

While the excitement continues, a new rumor has taken the internet by storm. Reports have been around that the Blade trilogy star Wesley Snipes will now be seen in the highly awaited Avengers: Secret Wars.

Wesley Snipes as Blade
Wesley Snipes as Blade

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Before the release of X-Men, the well-known theatrical release Marvel film was Blade. The movie did well at the box office and also spawned two more sequels, all of which starred Wesley Snipes, who was seen as a titular vampire hunter.

While the character of Blade, which was played by Snipes, is loved by many, these new rumors have sparked some mixed reactions from the fans.

The Mixed Reaction of Fans on the Return of Blade aka Wesley Snipes

Ever since the rumors concerning the return of Wesley Snipes as Blade made its way to the internet, fans have had a rather ambivalent reaction. While many were seen to be excited, some found the idea to be unnecessary. Taking on Twitter (currently X) many fans have shared their thoughts on the topic.

Avengers Secret Wars
Avengers Secret Wars

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Expressing their excitement one of the users applauded for the good choice.

Another user thought the idea to be excellent and praised the creators of the movie

One of the users wrote that none of his other roles will matter if he returns as Blade.

While many fans have expressed their excitement and love for Snipes, some were seen rather disappointed with both Marvel and Snipes.


While the discussion between the fans continues, there has not been any official confirmation by the MCU or its makers on the return of Blade in Avengers: Secret Wars.

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