In his Super Saiyan Blue form, Vegeta holds the power of the Gods in his hands. What if he is paired up with the strongest heroes and villains from the DC Universe?


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Billy Batson is gifted the combined abilities of six different Elder Gods. He has powers ranging from super human durability, speed, strength, endurance, stamina, intelligence, and reflexes. Shazam is also blessed with no known weaknesses unlike Superman. He is powered by magic and is virtually unstoppable. The fight between the two warriors would be epic but it’s easy to assume who would prevail.


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The last time Vegeta encountered an ancient demonic sorcerer, he ended up joining his sides as Majin Vegeta. Trigon is an ancient demonic entity that roams the universe in search of planets to conquer and assimilate. Trigon craves for power. He has the brains and the brawns to be a very proficient fighter. In a fight, Trigon uses not just his God level physical attributes but also his dark arcane abilities. Vegeta has no counter against ancient magic.


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The being known as the Spectre is the instrument of God’s Divine Vengeance. So it stands to reason to believe a mere mortal like Vegeta would never stand a chance against him. The Spectre can alter time and reality, passes judgment on mythical beings, and even holds the power to destroy an entire universe.

Doctor Manhattan

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There was once a time when Jonathan Osterman aka Doctor Manhattan was one of the good guys. After the events of Doomsday Clock, Manhattan showed us just how powerful he is as a super villain. Doctor Manhattan is basically a god. He has the power to alter the fabric of space, time, and reality. If he wishes to, he can rewrite history itself and create entirely new lifeforms and even universes out of scratch. Vegeta would not even stand a chance.

Captain Atom

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Captain Atom aka Nathaniel Adam is a superhero with the power of molecular manipulation. He is a living source of energy, with his body actually being a vessel. A small rip in his body suit would lead to an energy leak so powerful it could destroy the planet. Apart from his incredible atomic manipulation powers, Captain Atom also does not need any food, water, or even air to survive.


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DC’s God of Evil is blessed with the power of the Omega Effect. His Omega Beams are potent enough erase literal planets out of existence. He is also powerful and all-knowing. Darkseid has held his own against the likes of beings like Superman and Doomsday. Vegeta could only do so much with his Final Flash. One blink of an eye from Darkseid and he is toast. Even when it comes to raw, brute strength, Darkseid is unmatched.


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Superman is generally matched with Goku in terms of sheer strength and speed. Despite a few well-known weaknesses, Kal-El is still a highly formidable opponent. With a range of abilities at his disposal other than his Godlike strength, Superman proves Vegeta is not even in his league, let alone be a challenger.

Black Adam

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Black Adam, just like Shazam, is empowered by the energy reserves of six different gods. He has powers ranging from teleportation, limitless wisdom, to weather manipulation. You may think Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta might be able to hold his own against Teth Adam. But trading fists with such a behemoth would require the Saiyan Prince to tap into a level of power more potent than Super Saiyan Blue.

Doctor Fate

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Doctor Fate is more than just a magician. He is the host to the powers of Nabu, an ancient entity known as the Lord of Order. Nabu’s powers grant Doctor Fate powerful physical, paranormal, and psychic abilities. The Helmet of Nabu makes him virtually invulnerable to harm. With access to a host of magical abilities and artefacts vie the Tower of Fate. Like we said, Vegeta has no counter against magic.


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A notorious unstoppable monster cursed to return from the dead with immunity from whatever killed it the last time, Doomsday is infamous for killing Superman. This is one being that never knows when to back down. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta can pound Doomsday as much as he wants. He will keep returning to finish the job. Not even Superman could stop Doomsday. Vegeta stands no chance against this immortal creature.

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