Hollywood is looking more and more into unconventional sources to make movies. Video games look like thenext logical step in Hollywood’s evolution. They have so much to tell. But who should play the lead in these movies?

Wolfenstein – William Blazkowicz (Brad Pitt)

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William B.J Blazkowicz is the hero of the hit Wolfenstein series. Taking place in an alternate timeline where the Nazis won the war and are now a technological superpower, William Blazkowicz is the only person that can stop them from destroying everything. Brad Pitt seems perfect to play Agent One in a live action movie adaptation.

God Of War – Kratos (Jason Momoa)

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Kratos is the scourge of Mount Olympus. Slowly and steadily, he bought all the Gods down to their knees, killing them one by one. God of War is an absolute legend of a game series and deserves the best of treatments. No one other than Jason Momoa as Kratos would staisfy the fans if a God of War movie ever happens.

Dishonored – Corvo Attano (Sebastian Stan)

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Set in the industrial, plague ridden city of Dunwall, the story is about Corvo Attano. Attano is the bodyguard to the Empress of the Isles. She is killed and Attano is framed for her murder. Now he must become an assassin and dive deep to uncover the true nature of the conspiracy. Attano is a complex character to pull off and only Stan as the looks and the skills to do it.

Infamous – Cole McGrath (Jason Statham)

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Infamous follows the story of Cole McGrath, a bike courier in charge of delivering a mysterious package. An explosion that happens later on destroys several city blocks and gives Cole as well as several other people – superhuman abilities. Cole then becomes a vigilante, using his electricity manipulation abilities to aid the forces of good. Jason Statham should play Cole McGrath in an Infamous movie, if it ever happens.

Metroid – Samus (Brie Larson)

Metroid Movie

We get all the hatred she receives after her Captain Marvel stint for the MCU. But remember this – Larson has won the Oscars for Best Actress in 2015 for her powerful role in Room. So she does have talent undoubtedly. Captain Marvel certainly was not the right kidn of role for her. Metroid’s Samus seems perfect for the actor.

Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake (Jon Bernthal)

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Metal Gear Solid is such a classic game series. Just thinking of it brings us a tidal wave of sheer nostalgia. Our pick for the actor that should get the honor of playing the rough and rugged strongman that is Solid Snake is Jon Bernthal. Bernthal has recently become an action star/sensation when he played the Punisher in the Netflix series of the same name.

Red Dead Redemption – Arthur Morgan (Christian Bale)


Our original choice for the role would have been Norman Reedus. But since Reedus is the basis for another character in the series – John Marston, we chose to go with Christian Bale. Bale has played roles in western themed movies in the past. An example is Hostiles, where he gave an award winning performance.

Half Life – Gordon Freeman (Bryan Cranston)

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There is no one better suited to play the role of the protagonist of the cult classic game series – Half Life other than Bryan Cranston. Gordon Freeman is a scientist who later joins the human resistance after humanity falls prey to the armies of an alien fleet called The Combine. Cranston has already played eccentric geniuses in the past so it will be really easy for him to play Gordon Freeman.

Gears Of War – Marcus Fenix (Dave Bautista)

dave bautista wants to play marcus fenix in gears of war movie

Gears of War takes place in the planet of Sera, where humanity has established a stronghold. There they rely on Imulsion, a powerful new fuel that replaces fossil fuels. The world of Sera is home to another species called the Locusts, that dwell within the planet’s surface and oppose humanity. Dave Bautista has been vocal about playing Marcus Fenix, the original lead protagonist of the franchise.

Watch Dogs – Aiden Pearce (Joel Kinnaman)

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Fans have been clamoring for a Watch Dogs movie since a long time. The game takes place in a fictional version of the Chicagoland area in the year 2013. Veteran grey hat hacker Aiden Pearce must use his supreme hacking abilities to exact revenge on the people responsible for killing his niece. Kinnaman has the look and the physique to pull Aiden Pearce. His acting chops are also very underrated and would make for a good lead in a Watch Dogs movie.

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