Super bowls bring forth the most memorable commercials by a combination of big stars and completely insane ideas. Every year, brands do their best to catch hold of the biggest celebrities to appear in the Super Bowl’s commercial. This trend of bringing together amazing ideas and big stars has been used by big companies such as Hyundai and Mountain Dew. 

Mountain Dew builds the new buzz with Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

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Bryan Cranston plays the role of Jack Torrance.

Mountain Dew has come up with a fantastic commercial for the new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. Mountain Dew has come up with the remake of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, who is playing the role of Jack Torrance.

Mountain Dew commercial recreated iconic scenes from The Shining

Bryan Cranston enters the scene with a Mountain Dew Zero and an ax.

The new commercial by Mountain Dew had been released on Tuesday morning. This amazing commercial, done by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, has the intriguing sequences from The Shining. The only difference is that rather than killing an entire family, Bryan Cranston is running after Tracee Ellis Ross to make her try the new Dew.

The commercial centers around a memorable scene of The Shining

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Bryan Cranston yells “Here’s Mountain Dew Zero!”

The new commercial of Mountain Dew entirely focuses on the most memorable scene of The Shining in which Jack Torrence enthusiastically sticks his face through a hole in the door and yells “Here’s Johnny!”. The only difference in the Mountain Dew Zero commercial is that here Cranston yells “Here’s Mountain Dew Zero!”

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MTN DEW Zero Sugar, As Good As The Original

Source: Comicbook, Indiewire

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