These mutants may have been your favorite Marvel characters as a kid. But they are no longer what they once used to be. Their powers have changed drastically since then.

Iceman – Went From Throwing Snowballs To Controlling All Ice & Moisture


Robert Drake was thought to be a nuisance before. His powers were not much to look forward to. Drake then underwent a secondary mutation that gave him control over molecular movement. In his organic ice form, Bobby Drake cannot be killed. He will just reform. He can travel to any part of the world through the ocean, simply dissolving and reconstituting himself at a point of his choosing. Iceman is now an Omega level mutant with control over all moisture.

Gambit – Went From Throwing Exploding Cards To Seeing The Future & Gaining Super Speed

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Gambit shifts the states of energy in objects, making them explode. But his powers have blossomed into something else entirely. After becoming blind due to an exploding card hitting him right in the face, Gambit developed a secondary ability to predict future events. He has also since gained the ability of superhuman reflexes, which many claim is just his body coating itself in an energy aura that absorbs kinetic energy.

Beast – Went From Having Just Two Big Hands And Feet To A Blue Furred Beast

Beast X Men Marvel Comics early h01

Hank McCoy initially had two huge hands and feet. He had superhuman physical attributes but not that blue theme we know and adore him as. That developed later when Hank was working for the evil Roxxon Oil corporation. In his labs, he developed a mutation enhancing hormonal extract that gave him blue fur and enhanced his abilities to even higher levels.

Magneto – Went From Controlling Metals To Controlling An Entire Planet & Turning Invisible

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Magneto‘s powers allow him to control all metals. But the true depth of his abilities is being revealed recently. Magneto has control over the entire planet’s gravitational field, which he can use to control the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum. In short, he can bend light to his will and turn him invisible. Magneto’s close connection with the planet means he can control the entire planet to do his choosing.

Rogue – Went From Uncontrollable Power Stealing To Having Total Control Of Her Powers (Even Permanently Stealing Wonder Man’s Abilities)

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Rogue’s ability activated via touch. She used to completely cover herself up so that she doesn’t hurt others. As of now, Rogue has gained control of her abilities. She can touch other people without hurting them or causing them physical pain. This was necessary for her to show physical affection to her husband – Gambit. Rogue has also absorbed Wonder Man’s powers permanently. She now has Supergirl like abilities, which fills the void after she lost her powers she gained from Captain Marvel.

Emma Frost – Went From Being A Telepath To Developing Diamond Skin

emma uncanny

Emma Frost was once just a telepath. Her forced secondary mutation gave her organic diamond skin. She doesn’t need to eat, sleep or drink in this form – so she’s pretty much immortal. It gives her super strength and durability. She is also immune to telepathy in this form.

Elixir – Went From Healing Others To Controlling All Aspects Of Biology

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Initially Elixir only possessed the power of healing. But a secondary mutation gave him Omega Level Biokinesis. He can kill anyone with a single touch, heal people of lethal wounds and diseases, and even resurrect the dead. Elixir is now functionally immortal since he can revive himself whenever he breathes his last.

Sunspot – Went From Solar Radiation Absorption To Gaining Strength That Rivals The Hulk’s


Roberto da Costa has the power of absorbing solar radiation and transforming into a form similar to that of the Human Torch. he gains a range of abilities like flight, super-strength and speed, and energy projection. After the M-Pox virus activated a secondary mutation in Sunspot, his powers increased drastically. He now has strength and durability that rivals the Hulk.

Polaris – Went From Magnetism To Super Strength & Size Changing Powers


Magneto’s daughter had the same magnetism powers as her father. She later developed the ability to absorb negative emotions and turn it into super strength. Bad vibes literally make her stronger and bigger.

Toad – Went from Having Toad Like Physiology To A Fire-Wielding Tongue

One of the most disgusting mutants ever, Toad has a frog like physiology and abilities. His prehensile tongue is his preferred weapon in battle. Toad can now light it on fire, using it like a deadly burning whip.

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