The Loki trailer hit the internet a while ago. Fans are starting to lose it. There are tons of hidden references and Easter eggs you probably never noticed.

Loki is D.B Cooper

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If you have seen the newly arrived HBO Documentary – The Mystery Of D.B Cooper, you know what an exhilarating mystery it is. There’s no coincidence that the Loki has a D.B Cooper reference. The documentary is all the rage right now. And Loki dressing up as the character was no fluke. It signals the regular fourth wall breaking pop culture references that will be common place in the show. Loki reveals he was D>B Cooper. After hijacking a flight bound for Seattle, he jumped out of a plane. The reason he was never seen again is because Loki was teleported away by the Bifrost.

Loki For POTUS

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Loki could be seen wearing a formal attire with a “Vote Loki” badge on his suit. the people next to him are also wearing the same badge. This is a nod to the classic 2016 story line titled Vote Loki. Loki, in this arc, runs for president of the United States. To everyone’s surprise, he gets very close to becoming the most powerful man on Earth. The primary reason Loki almost wins is because he promises he will lie truthfully. Unlike the regular Politician’s white lies, Loki will lie with honesty. In an alternate universe, Loki could actually end up winning.

The Tesseract Is Lost

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The space stone was last seen in Avengers: Endgame. The Time Heist led the Avengers to borrow the infinity stones from their respective time periods. Loki got into the possession of the Space Stone and escaped. When he wakes up in the middle of a dessert, he is no longer in possession of the Tesseract. Maybe he lost the Infinity Stone while travelling through the space-time fabric. Or worst case – the Tesseract ceased to exist since it never survived in the original timeline.


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The TVA stands for the Time Variance Authority. They made their first appearance in 1986’s Thor #372. The TVA has popped up quite a lot of times in Marvel Comics ever since. The organization’s primary task is protecting the timeline. They persecute anyone who tries to tamper it. The TVA is inexplicably linked to Asgard and Loki. In the comics, they were trying to apprehend a time travelling Demon named Zaniac (an old Thor foe). Maybe that’s the guy under the hood? Or is it someone even more sinister like Mephisto?

Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius

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The clerks and agents of the TVA are based on legendary Marvel Comic Book writer Mark Gruenwald. He was a longtime Marvel editor who died in 1996 from a heart attack he was only 43 years old. Owen Wilson plays Mr. Mobius in screen. From the looks of it, Mobius knows everything there is to know about Loki. the TVA has been following the Norse God of Mischief and his misadventures since a long time.

The Timekeepers

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The three gigantic heads behind Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character give us a pretty strong Living Tribunal vibe. But their actual identity is different. The comic books give us a more concrete answer. The three heads represent the Timekeepers. The timekeepers were involved in the creation of the Time Variance Authority, the agency that monitors time. Their comic book history is rather complicated. They even have twisted alternate timeline versions of themselves called the Time-Twisters. We might end up seeing more of them in the Loki series.

The Roxxon Reference

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At about 1:51 into the trailer, we see Loki and a TVA Special forces team get into a super store called Roxxcart. That name is obviously referring to the evil mega-corporation Roxxon. Roxxon was the primary antagonist in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The Roxxon name also popped in the Marvel Cinematic Universe short movie – “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer”. Roxxon being referenced would mean only one thing. The mega conglomerate may have a major role to play in the series.

Who Is Gugu Mbatha-Raw Playing?

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw has appeared in shows like Black Mirror. She was also the lead star of the movie The Cloverfield Paradox. In the trailer, Mbatha-Raw’s character is seen presiding over a hearing. She will probably preside over Loki’s hearing for his crimes against the timeline. The high ranking TVA official will be seen fighting Loki  when he tries to escape the TVA’s clutches.

New York Falls Victim To The Apocalypse

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The shot of Loki travelling across a Post Apocalyptic New York caught everyone’s attention. This might be an alternate timeline where the Avengers lost the Battle of New York. The shot shows a destroyed New York landscape with a downed Avengers tower in the background. Is Loki hopping through alternate timelines now? It seems likely.

Is That Black Widow?

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The Loki trailer reveals the scope of references it is willing to tease. The magnitude of the MCU and the fact that Disney+ is the only streamer means anything is possible. A shot of a woman in a black outfit and reddish hair could be seen in the trailer. This most probably means Scarlett Johansson is coming to the show. Maybe a cameo appearance is in order. The cameo looks like a strategic cross promotion move. Black Widow is likely to hit Disney+ in the near future.

Who Is Under The Hood?

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Our best guess? Remember this is a series that literally started because of an alternate timeline mishap. So if you ask us – the one under the hood is not a new character. It’s Loki himself. To be precise, it’s an alternate version of Loki from another timeline or from the future. Marvel already has a running gag of making the heroes and their arch-nemeses as mirror reflections of each other. The Abomination is an evil Hulk. Iron Monger is an evil Iron man. The Winter Soldier was an evil Super soldier. Yellow Jacket is a nefarious Ant-Man. So it’s entirely plausible Marvel continues the trend. But this time they might end up using a literal mirror reflection of Loki. That would be pretty interesting and ironic.

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