The MCU phase 2 consists of six films , beginning with Iron Man 3 and ending with Ant-Man. However, few parts seem impractical.

According to fans , Phase 2 comparatively ranks least in the MCU franchise . Initially released Iron Man 3 ,didn’t sit well with the audience.

Unfortunately Avengers: Age of Ultron failed to impress, Ant-Man was entertaining enough to conclude the phase with . Altogether, some features within Phase 2 don’t make sense.

10.The Mandarin Wasn’t really The Mandarin


Fans expected Iron Man 3 , the first film of Phase 2 , to kickstart with a bang. The news that the Mandarin was going to play the main villain was thrilling. MCU comic fans specifically knew the Mandarin before and were anticipating the same in the movie.

Unfortunately, the Mandarin was not the one they were hoping to see. It was Aldrich Killian hired by the main antagonist, as a snare. Since the Mandarin is an existing character, it’s absurd that he’s a façade in this film.

9.Tony Stark gets his Arc Reactor Removed

MCU ,phase 2

When Tony Stark is deeply wounded in Iron Man so gravely, he needed the arc reactor placed in his chest, as he knew there’s nothing he can do to get rid of the reactor. Because if he did, then he would die from the object penetrating his heart.

Though the arc reactor poisons him, he should be looking to get a new arc reactor,  yet he doesn’t get it removed even thenBut, in Iron Man 3, the surgical procedure is bizarrely successful, out of the blue, and he doesn’t require his arc reactor anymore.

8.The Reality Stone Doesn’t Destroy Jane Foster immediately

MCU , phase 2

The Infinity Stones are hypothetically massive powerful objects. When the Guardians of the Galaxy grip the Power Stone, they practically disintegrate. However, when Thanos, Tony Stark, and the Hulk use the Stones, they’re all hurt extremely.

However, Jane Foster, a human, survives the Aether, which is the Reality Stone owning her form for a prolonged duration. It’s impractical to see her not disintegrate immediately.

7.Loki taking over as Odin

MCU , phase 2

Thor: The Dark World, insufficiently handles Loki’s character. The makers didn’t know what to do with him.

He dies dramatically at a point and returns for no valid reason, to take over as Odin and clash with his brother. Most of it seems absurd and boring. Fortunately, Thor: Ragnarok saves the Thor trilogy and  Loki’s character simultaneously.

6.Steve And Bucky Don’t Even End Up Together

MCU ,phase 2

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky comes back alive as a programmed HYDRA assassin. In this movie, Steve pledges to guard Bucky at all costs. He even gives up his life for him.

However, Steve’s presence is sufficient for Bucky to break through his HYDRA brainwashing and need to be rearranged again. As the movie primarily focused on Steve and Bucky protecting each other, it’s absurd that the two don’t end up together in the movie.

5.“We Are Groot” Is Moving, But Groot Can’t Actually Say It

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In the climax of Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s clear that the so-called Guardians might die in a ship crash. But, Groot uses his capacity to protect them. Rocket Raccoon asks Groot not to do this, that he’ll die if he does it.

As a reply, Groot says , “We are Groot.” Groot isn’t actually ever saying, “I am Groot.” people who don’t know his language just hear “I am Groot.” He’s never able to say this.

4.Tony Stark Gets Bizarre

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Tony stark decides he’s not going to be Iron Man anymore. By the end of Iron Man 3, He throws his arc reactor into the sea. Well, this is history.

However, he returns and has no issue being Iron Man. Also, his choice to produce and release Ultron seems completely irrational. The heroes within the MCU franchise also weren’t able to figure out Tony’s bizarre choices.

3.Quicksilver’s Instantaneous Death

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As the  Avengers team was growing larger, fans were eager to see their favorite comic characters as heroes on the silver screen. The surprising introductions were Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Apparently, it was highly shocking to witness Quicksilver’s death so early. He was accompanied by his twin sister, and fans anticipated them to stick around for a while, but Quicksilver dies in Avengers: Age of Ultron suddenly.

2.Hank Pym Didn’t Just Destroy His Research

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The crux of the movie Ant-Man is the element that Hank Pym, the real Ant-Man, is trying to protect his innovation from S.H.I.E.L.D. and others alike. He perceives a lot of hazard in people trying to duplicate that shrinking tech, and so he decides to quit S.H.I.E.L.D. and endlessly conceal his mechanization.

However, he never actually destroys his technology, instead relentlessly develops it, despite the seeming risk it poses. If it was truly as risky as Hank Pym claimed, he should have just destroyed it already.

1.They Preferred Scott Lang Over Hank Pym

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Ant-Man is one of the legacy heroes in Marvel Comics and in the MCU. However, Hank Pym’s brief role as Ant-Man in the MCU, he isn’t given space to battle the Avengers along with his mates.

As a substitute, the MCU preferred Scott Lang over Hank Pym. While both heroes are fascinating, it is odd that Hank Pym has already been Ant-Man and drifted over.

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