Hollywood is the king of all Film and Movie industries. Several movies come and go every year. The majority of them perform decently, but very few of them are incredibly underperformed.

Making a good movie is never a cakewalk. It requires good production houses, actors, scriptwriters, and of course, good directors. The right direction is the backbone of a good movie. Without it, the movie might end up getting collapsed.

Here are the ten times movies went in the wrong direction and resulted in a bad movie.


The battleship is a strategy game by Funskool, consisting of primarily two players.

It is played on a board or paper, where the players nimble their battleships. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? However, the Movie version by Universal was precisely the opposite of it. Peter Berg directed the movie in 2012. The only demerit about the film’s direction that made the movie a center of Problems is that there are ships. Hell, a lot of boats! The Ships are uncountable.

It was a big-budget movie of 200 million dollars, and barely it could gather 65 million ( not even one- third) of it from the American Market.

The whole plot of the movie was about explosions and Naval Battles. Due to such high animation and CGI effect, the budget of the film exceeded. However, International Market turned into a savior for this film, and it made a gross collection of 303 million dollars.

Battleship SQ


MCU is known for its expeditious Superhero movies done with extreme perfection. Fantastic Four was initially a Marvel comic, but the movie version was Produced By Fox Star Studious and directed by Josh Trank.

Due to his excellent work on YouTube, he was offered a movie for direction in Hollywood quickly. For his superb guidance in the Chronicle, he was provided Fantastic Four by Fox. 

Starting from his rude behaviors with the cast and crew members to the unnecessary fights and his groundless delusions resulted in making him quit the movie in between.

The production houses made a major retake of various scenes of Fantastic Four later.

fantastic four banner 146299


This movie was also Produced by Fox Star Productions. The film was promoted as a horror movie, but it turned out to be a more comedy movie than Horror due to its poor direction by Karyn Kusama. The scriptwriter of the Movie was Diablo Cody. Due to the success in her debut movie Juno, she received the “Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.”The direction and screenplay were going smooth; the only thing that turned out to be a black ship for the film was the promotions. There were no rigid promotions of the film, and the Fox star Studios was alleged to show a fabricated Trailer to the public.

Megan Fox Jennifers Body


The movie was released way back in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott. Considering a three-decade-old film, the level of scientific theory in this movie was way too high.

In that audience(1982), the film found it very difficult to survive. The film was just about science, science, and science, which created a lot of confusion for the audience. The film turned to one of the very few devasting films for Warner Bros.

bladerunner 1170x658 1


Bring up Baby was a Flop. The film was released in 1938 by one of the infamous production house RKO Pictures. The actors were Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. This duo was one of the trendy duos of that time. The Director of the film was Howard Hawks. Everything was perfect in this film. However, considering those days, the script was very sensational. It mentioned about Homosexual and LGBT, which was entirely unacceptable and uncomfortable for that audience.

Rather than this, there were rumors that there were fights and issues between the Director and Hepburn.

Bringing Up Baby SMS 2019 a54334dc5f

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Making a horror movie is not everyone’s cup of tea, and while making it, the primary task was being followed up by the Director only. The Director of the film was Guillermo Del Toro. He was tried to taken out of the movie when he had creative issues with the Production team. He also does not want mixed-race people in the movie, which quite against the policies of production houses.

The primary wound was felt when Harvey Scissorhands was found advising Guillermo Del Toro for the scenes. It resulted in multiple cuts and retakes in the movie.

Mimic 1


The most crucial thing in a film is Rapo between the scenes, and this lacks pretty much in this movie. There was not proper Tempo. Zoetrope Studios produced this. The Director of the film was Francis Ford Coppola. He used to perform the experimental scenes without many precautions.

While performing shooting, he almost killed the whole casting member of the film along with himself in the sets of the Apocalypse Now. This film almost ended the carrier of Coppola forever. That is why he was known to be one of the most controversial directors.

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The film was a change in Hollywood routine, the genre was quite unconventional, but the move backfired Director Martin Scorsese. It is a story of a Saxophone Player who fell in love with the club singer and how their marriage turned into despondent condition. Another problem was the music I am not saying about the quality, but it is the quantity. NEW YORK NEW YORK was full of music. Hell, a lot of music. It is a complete drama of spouse abuse and unnecessary music.

new york new york 1200 1200 675 675 crop 000000


After the big success of The Knight Tale, the writer and director of the Movie Brian Helgeland thought of working on a new film with a similar cast Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, and Shannyn Sossamon.

The result was just the opposite of the expectations. The film’s direction was plodding and dull and focused on depression, drama, and considered lethal to the audience. Not only this, but the film was also so slow and tedious that the audience left the theatres before the completion of halfway.

the order


The film got criticism from every media and publishing agency. It got ratings as 0% from rotten tomatoes. Kevin Connolly directed the film depicts the story of a mobster.

The film charged against that the story is fabricated and scripted. There are many characters in the movie, and they barely reappear after a few scenes. There was no interlink between the characters and no exciting twists.


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