What relaxes you while watching a horror movie? The feeling that all these are imaginary and fictitious isn’t? What if you come to know the movie that you watched a few moments back is based upon a true story?

Here are the ten horror movies that are inspired by real-life incidents.


The story is about a single mother, Cristine, who was searching for her nine-year-old son Walter Collins with the help of LAPD. The Police department found her boy and returned to her. However, due to Walter’s weird behavior and activities, she was a bit confused regarding the identity of his son. The most disturbing thing was her son’s height, which has shrunk by 3 inches. Later, when the cops were probing another Murder case, they found several dead bodies, and surprisingly one of the dead bodies was of Walter Collins.

Angeline Jolie as christine

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2.The Exorcist

The plot revolves around a 12-year-old girl, Linda Blair, who suddenly starts acting strange ( Hovering in the air, talking with her tongue). Seeing this unnatural habits, her mother, Ellen, decided to get Ellen cured with a local priest’s assistance who thinks that a Ghostly body captured Ellen, and she needs to be rescued from it.


3.The Mothman prophecies

This movie is referred from a book by John Keel, who believed in the existence of Mothman. The film is about a journalist trying to decode the mystery of his wife’s death, who experienced a moth-like vision just moments before her death. Later on, the journo discovers that the Mothman glimpses are the warning of mishappenings in the near future.

The Mothman Prophecies


The movie is about a care-taker of a kid who was forcibly kicked out by the parents’ job due to her inefficiency and lack of responsibility. While leaving the house, the lady gifted the boy, a vintage toy named Robert, who was Jinxed. After that everyone in the house started to encounter terrifying incidents. When the couple was asked about the event, they said the toy was moving with lightning speed and moved its head without any external force.


5.The Conjuring

The Conjuring is one of the most horrifying movies in this decade. The film is about a 1971 couple Carolyne and Roger, who moved to their new house with their five daughters. After staying for a few days, they found some weird things happening within the house, especially in the basement, so they preferred summoning the paranormal investigators’ Ed and Lorraine. Later on, they discovered that a demon possesses the house, who is bloodthirsty for their lives.

conjuring 2013

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6.The Amityville Horror

The film is based upon a couple with three children who recently moved to Amityville, a small city near New York. They managed to get a cheap deal on an excellent house. Later on, they found about the horrifying past about the house, where the former owner killed the family members mercilessly. Due to unnatural activities in the home, they called a priest to eliminate their problem and save the family.

amityville horror

7.An American Crime

Due to some travel-related work, a couple decided to keep their two daughters with Gertrude Baniszewski. Gertrude is a single mother with several kids who choose to do the job for 20 dollars a week. Due to the couple’s delay in payment, she felt cheated and decided to take revenge by torturing their daughters along with her kids. The elder one is very clever and a troublemaker so she takes out all the grudges on the younger one. She ended up killing the younger one, with her kids.

An ameican Crime

8.The Nightmare

The movie portrays eight persons suffering from a sleep disorder, a condition that does not let them speak or move. All eight persons are getting some hallucinations, and all of them were dreaming about the same person. In the making of the movie, all the eight-persons were asked about their experiences separately.

the nightmare


A very experienced reporter Tim Manfrey assigned work in an African country Burundi. The story is about a 6-feet long deadly crocodile who has dined more than 300 lives, including the villagers, hunters, and gatherers. Due to the noxious monster jaws, it was tough to defeat the creature. It is a true story that occurred way back in 1960.


10.The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

A young and ambitious lawyer who wants to achieve a senior position takes a case of a father, Richard Moore, alleged to kill his daughter Emily Rose, a 19 year old school dropout kid who was diagnosed with epilepsy and schizophrenia. The father believed that some ghosts captured Emily Rose, which can create trouble for them also. Richard plans to kill her daughter with the help of a priest. further, the priest has sentenced six months of imprisonment. The end of the film was quite diplomatic.

exorcism of emily rose


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