Disney characters have gotten a lot of makeovers from various artists around the world.

From reimagining our beloved Disney characters into Marvel or DC superheroes, to turning the good princesses to evil villains, the makeovers have been varied but equally amazing to look at.

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Not an artist has been sharing some of his creations of Instagram of our favorite Disney characters, but a little different. He reimagined these popular characters wearing modern day clothing. The artist who has many other creations, has been calling it the Street Fashion.

From princes to princesses to evil villains, he has tried to showcase everyone in this line up. And the results are absolutely amazing to look at.

1. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

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The Princess Snow White, her Prince Florian and the evil Queen Grimhilde are all dressed in modern clothes as they roam the streets of the modern world.

2. Hercules


Hercules, King Zeus, his brother – the evil lord Hades and Hercules’ lay love Meg can be seen in modern day clothes from this Disney adaptation.

3. The Princess and The Frog


Princess Tiana looks every bit like the princess she is, just more modern. Accompanying her are prince Naveen, Facilier and even Charlotte.

4. The Sleeping Beauty


The beautiful princess Aurora, prince Phillip and the evil witch Maleficent are all decked up in modern day clothes and look super cool.

5. Mulan


Mulan is not the warrior princess today, but the fashionista princess. Along with this Disney princess are Li Shang and Shan Yu.

6. The Beauty and The Beast


Beautiful Belle, Prince Adam and Gaston can be seen in this new avatar wearing modern clothes, rocking the Fashion Street with their amazing new look.

7. Pocahontas


Pocahontas, John Smith, Kocoum and Governor Ratcliffe are given a brilliant modern day look with these fashion forward clothes and we absolutely love them.

8. Peter Pan


Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Captain Hook and the ever mischievous little fairy Tinker Bell look gorgeous in their new modern day outfits.

9. The Little Mermaid


The little mermaid herself – princess Ariel, Prince Eric King Triton and the evil sea witch Ursula are rocking these modern clothes in this new avatar.

10. Cinderella


The ever beautiful Cinderella, her Prince Charles, the evil step mother Lady Tremaine and her two daughters – Anastasia and Drizella are being their modern self in this new avatar.

11. Aladdin


The street urchin himself – Aladdin, his lovely partner the princess Jasmine, and his partner in crime the Genie along with the evil Jafar are a part of this modern day adaptation.

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