After the release of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s highly anticipated movie ‘Avengers: Infinity wars,’ the internet went insane. Moreover, it was the very first time when the big screen saw an amalgamation of superheroes. These illustrations, made by a Taiwan-based artist, Cyan Whisky, screams out cuteness and are a new take on the Marvel superheroes. So Avengers, assemble and get ready for this thrilling cuteness ride.

1. The Wakanda Meow team

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Can someone give captain America a shield to lead an epic battle with Thanos? Consequently, it is just hilarious when T’Challa gives him a cat shield. But being the devoted superhero he is, Rogers leads the Wakanda meow team. 

 2. The Sibling Conspiracy

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 Have you ever wondered how a conversation between Thor and Gamora would be like discussing their sibling’s conspiracies to kill them? It gets even bizarre when they find common aspects in their adopted sibling’s ancestry. 

  3. Whose the Captain?


Things take a hilarious turn when Thor ends up in Star Lord’s ship. Consequently, the crew members start fangirling over Thor, which makes Star-Lord boil with envy. 

4. When you meet her, dad!

Picture9 Picture11 Picture10

The encounter of Star-Lord meeting Gamora’s Dad Thanos never fails to get out some audience’s chuckles. Consequently, this comic strip takes over a Thanos, who also is an overprotective Dad.

 5. Peter admires the Black Order.

Picture12 Picture13

When Iron Man deals with the teenage Peter Parker, fans can’t deny the “aww” moments between them. Consequently, this strip deals with how Iron Man at times has to act like Peter’s father.

 6. Chris be the superhero

Picture14 Picture15

There is a lot of familiarity among Star-lord, Thor, and Captain America. They all are blonde and flaunt their beards in infinity war with identical hairstyles. What’s even more coincidental is that all the actors share the same first name in real life: Chris.

 7. When you are waiting for the call

Picture17 Picture19 Picture18

This comic strip deals with how badly Iron Man waits for Captain America’s call. The events of infinity war take place after Captain America: Civil War. Civil War showcases how Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers become frenemies and strain their bromance. 

8. Grand Master greets old friends.

Picture20 Picture21

Grand Master got new plans to rule the earth. Consequently, when he meets Thanos, he lets him know of the fact. It gets hilarious when he greets his old friends Loki and Hulk, whom he befriended on Thor: Ragnarok. Consequently, the long-lost friends go out shopping in the middle of an apocalypse. 

 9. The Wakanda Ritual

Picture22 Picture23

When the king of Wakanda says, there will be no challenge. One must abide by the royalty. However, it may be confusing for an intergalactic alien-like Thanos to understand that a pizza break is more important than a challenge.

 10. Loki is always a headache for Thor

Picture25 Picture24

Loki has already created enough nuisance on earth with his evil plans. When Iron Man and Doctor Strange get a glance of him, they just lose it. Consequently, they start bashing poor Thor after seeing the God of mischief. 

 11. T’Challa doesn’t understand fashion

Picture26 Picture27

Shuri is just disappointed to see her brother, the king of Wakanda, lacking style. Consequently, after giving her brother the Black Panther makeover, she indeed can’t tolerate her brother’s comfortable but dull-looking shoes. 

 12. Shuri is the best Stylist

Picture28 Picture29

The epic Black Panther makeover with the vibranium suit is the highlight of the Black Panther movie. But, this time around, Shuri got different styling plans for her brother T’Challa. 

 13. Eye, Eye Thor


Iron Man looks very concerned with Thor’s new eye look. Considering his sister ripped one of his eyes during a battle, Thor got a questionable vision after the incident.

14. How many siblings those Thor got?

Picture31 Picture32

When it comes to the God of Thunder’s siblings, he is unlucky. His siblings always plan to kill him. Moreover, they have some standard features like horns and black hair. After meeting Mantis, Thor wonders if even she is his sibling. 

 15. All Superheroes don’t wear capes


Iron Man indeed is the superhero who never tried out the fashion of capes. Consequently, he doesn’t back out to try out Doctor Strange’s Cape. Although, Doctor Strange doesn’t look pleased by the idea, and then this happens. 

16. Loki never backs out of Mischiefs


Picture35When one says Loki, I say Mischief Managed. The comic strip deals with who Loki is doing bizarre stuff in Grand Master’s get-up. 


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