It is not just Old Man Logan who looks like a rougher and tougher version of a popular heroes. There are several older versions of heroes that look amazingly rugged and badass. This list of older versions of superheroes will change your mind on how you look at your favorite icons.

Rugged & Badass Old Version – Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider featured1
Cosmic Ghost Rider

In an alternate future timeline, Thanos manages to wipe out all of Earth’s heroes. One of the last remaining survivors of Earth, Frank castle, makes a deal with Mephisto. In exchange for more power, Mephisto takes Castle’s soul. The Punisher becomes a Spirit of Vengeance. Later on, he also gains the Power Cosmic from Galactus. The Cosmic Ghost Rider does not just look cool. He is more powerful and lethal than any other superhero in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

Failed To Nail The Look – Exiles Ms. Marvel

kamala khan exils e1525463939833.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=434&dpr=1
Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is known to be a pretty cheerful and joyful superhero. So it was a real shock to see a grimmer and more non-upbeat version of the character in Saladin Ahmed’s Exiles. Older versions of superheroes are designed to be grimmer and darker. But Kamala Khan is someone Marvel should not have touched upon. Seeing her in such bleak state made the fans sad. Ironically, the same story has a more playful and childlike Wolverine.

Rugged & Badass Old Version – King Thor

4001783 old%20thor
King Thor

King Thor is Thor who has become the King of Asgard and has wielded the Odin-Force for quite a while now. Holding immense magical prowess, this version of Thor is not to be trifled with. Older versions of superheroes are generally supposed to be frail and fragile. Not King Thor though. The dude has gone toe to toe with both Galactus and even a Divine cosmic entity serial killer hell-bent on killing all life in the universe. The guy’s left arm is replaced with a prosthetic from the Destroyer armor and he wears an eyepatch. How is that NOT badass!!

Failed To Nail The Look – Earth X Wolverine

earth x wolverine.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1
Earth X

In 1999’s Earth X alternate reality storyline, a global Terrigen Mist exposure gives most of the world’s populace Inhuman superpowers. Wolverine of this reality is the quintessential obese white trash, sitting on his recliner chair, drinking beer, and yelling at his wife Jean Grey.

Rugged & Badass Old Version – The Dark Knight Returns Batman

batman the dark knight returns 1680x1050
The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns gave us a world where Batman has grown old and retired. Crime still hasn’t. When Gotham is plunged into a new wave of chaos and bloodshed thanks to a gang called the Mutants, Bruce is forced to become Batman again. Just because he is old does not man that Bruce is not good enough to be a superhero again. Frank Miller’s Batman is extremely intimidating because Batman is not even beneath using underhanded tactics to win the fight. Despite not being a Batman in his prime, as far as older versions of superheroes are concerned, Frank Miller’s Batman nails it.

Failed To Nail The Look – Old Man Thanos

Thanos Comic Hulk Pet Chained.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=943&h=500&dpr=1
Old Man Thanos

Geoff Shaw and Donny Cates’ Thanos series sees the Cosmic Ghost Rider bring a younger Thanos into the far future. There they meet Old Man Thanos, who is incredibly powerful and back in love with death. In his yearn to re-unite with his love, Old Man Thanos begs the younger Thanos to kill him. The young one refuses, instead going back to the present to ensure the Old Man Thanos timeline never happens.

Rugged & Badass Old Version – Kingdom Come Superman

Kingdom Come Old Superman by Alex Ross
Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is an international treasure of a story arc and must be protected at all costs. From the artwork to character deign, everything is a masterpiece. The comic book arc gave us one of the most iconic older versions of superheroes. Superman of Kingdom Come has grey hair and an altered costume. The look is proof that minimalism is key in art. Nothing speaks “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication” like the Kingdom Come Superman.

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