With the upcoming Matt Reeves movie, Batman is the talk of the town and Robert Pattinson is about to make his debut as the Caped Crusader. The Batman seems to be influenced by some comic storylines. To prepare yourself for the highly-anticipated Battinson, here are 5 comics to read before The Batman arrives.

Batman: Ego

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Created by the creators of DC: The New Frontier, Batman: Ego tells a different tale. Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight in Batman: Ego. So rather than the usual vigilante story, it stresses the psychological side of his character. It’s a psychological thriller rather than a superhero story. 

The Batman will explore the dark mind of Pattinson’s Batman to show just how damaged the character is. Gizmodo reports that even Reeves himself called Batman: Ego a major inspiration for the film, which is why this would be one of the essential comics to read before the Batman Arrives.

Batman: Earth One

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Created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, as opposed to working within the main canon, Batman: Earth One is an entirely different take on the character.

A more realistic depiction of the Penguin and a more flawed Batman are among the new twists and turns presented in “The Dark Knight.“. The character looks uncannily similar to Farrell’s Penguin on Earth One. Robert Pattinson’s depiction of Batman can also be compared to the leaner, younger version in the comic.

Batman: The Long Halloween

Comics To Read Before The Batman Arrives | Animated Times
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Regardless of her motives, Zoe Kravitz‘s Catwoman and Batman work together in The Batman to fight the Riddler and Penguin. As a partnership, they have been featured in several comics over the years. 

Nevertheless, there are some obvious similarities between Reeves’ film and Batman: The Long Halloween, from its darker tone to its inclusion of John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. It is arguably the most famous Batman retelling that focuses on the hero attempting to stop a serial killer.

Batman: Year One

Comics To Read Before The Batman Arrives | Animated Times
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As designed by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Batman: Year One helped revamp the character, re-establishing him as the vicious and dark detective he was intended to be. Robert Pattinson is going to take Batman back to his younger days as the Caped Crusader in this film. Consequently, Gotham City may have a less experienced Batman patrolling the streets. Therefore, Batman: Year One makes sense.

This comic gives us a gritty look at Batman’s first year in Gotham City from Jim Gordon‘s perspective in this comic. Batman fans have noticed that bits and pieces of year one can be seen in clips from the show. This makes sense given Bruce Wayne’s younger years.

Batman: Zero Year

Comics To Read Before The Batman Arrives | Animated Times
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Like The Batman, it is not the origin story of Batman, but rather the beginning of his career as a supervillain fighter. In addition to Doctor Death, a darker version of the Riddler was introduced. The armored suit with tactical gear even resembles what is featured in The Batman. In this storyline, the Riddler was hired as a strategist by Wayne Enterprises while Bruce was otherwise distracted. Like Year One, this also followed the ascent of Jim Gordon from detective to commissioner.


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