The 1990s was an amazing decade for movies and many fans look back at it with great nostalgia. There are many classic movies in this era and movie fans also return over to the same again and again. But hits like Titanic and Independence Day are the fan favorites but could have fared much better if they didn’t delete important scenes. There could be reasons why these scenes didn’t make it in the movie but they were great. Have a look at them:

1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Still from Terminator 2

Terminator 2 proved to be a bigger sequel than the original but it also reinvented the aspects of the very clever ways. The deleted scene was as the heroes took a moment to die out, John asked Terminator about his cyborg mind. He explained that Terminators had the capacity to learn but they are automatically programmed with a “read-only” setting. John and his mom reset the Terminator, allowing him to learn and potentially make his sacrifice more human.

2. The Silence of The Lambs

Still from the silence of the lambs

Hannibal Lecter was hands down the most terrifying movie villain of all time. This particular scene took place during one of Clarice’s visits with Lecter in which he provided his analysis on the serial killer “Buffalo Bill”. He had tears in his eyes while explaining that Bill was made a killer through years of abuse and feeling ignored. This scene showcased emotion and suggested that Lecter maybe have gone through the same scenarios.

3. The Sixth Sense

Still from the sixth sense

The Sixth Sense is an unforgettable movie thanks to the suspense built in the early point. The deleted scene had Malcolm watching Cloe play with his Civil War figurines and he comments that two soldiers are lying on the ground. Cole gives an emotional and detailed explanation of who those soldiers were and the lives they were trying to return before being killed in battle, which raised the question, “Where did Cole hear about this?”

4. Titanic

Still from titanic

Yes, what could a three-hour-long epic movie had possibly deleted? But there were actually several scenes that were cut. One stood out the most. The final movie featured a scene aboard the rescue ship that focused on Rose but the deleted scene showed the other survivors coming to grips with what they experienced and many of them grieving. It went on to feature a powerful moment as the ship’s managing director, Mr.Ismay made his way through the crowd and the survivors silently stared at him. This scene should have really made the cut.

5. The Mask

Still from the mask

Jim Carrey was phenomenal in the Mask and it was a perfect blend of hilarious and fun comedy but it also had much darker source material. There is one deleted scene that gives a small hint at what the movie could have been like. In this scene which is set in a news printing factory, the villainous Dorain gained control of the magical mask. He then disposes of a nasty reporter by throwing her into the printing press which resulted in newspaper printing out with a headline about her death.

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