It is intriguing for an actor to reach a point where they can choose and pick any role of their choice. When these actors were forced to act in the movie, they were not given any choice. Sometimes, a contract takes away an actor’s freedom.

Modern-day films are filled with sequels and franchises. Often, suppose an actor signs a contract with supposing a superhero franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that case, they have to do the roles even if the scripts are awful.

Apparently, some actors often sign so many projects that they don’t have any leverage left to create something different. This happens mostly during the beginning of their careers. As a result, when an actor finds an astonishing and promising script, they prefer making it with some other studio. However, they might not ignite the project unless the ongoing contracts are finished.

In a similar context, these 5 famous actors were forced to act in movies that they never wanted to do –

Daniel Craig

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Eventually, for several reasons, every other actor gets off from playing James Bond. However, back in time, Daniel Craig signed a four-project contract with EON for playing a spy with a license to kill. Despite having huge box-office gains for the first three Bond movies, Daniel didn’t want to appear in the fourth one. However, he did not have a choice since he had a contract with the production house.

Edward Norton

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Edward Norton made one of his most prominent appearances on-screen in Primal Fear (1996). The role made him become a rising superstar overnight. However, before this big thing happened, Norton had a three-project contract with Paramount in 1995. Later, he appeared in Fight Club (1999), believing that the contract with Paramount is expired, but the producers thought the opposite. The makers claimed that the actor signed a project called Twenty Billion that was supposed to be shot simultaneously as Fight Club. As a result, to solve this dispute, Norton agreed on making another film with Paramount, and it came out to be The Italian Job.

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman appeared in the MCU as a character called Jane Foster in Thor (2011). She played the role of an American astrophysicist and Thor’s lady love. Since the film performed spectacularly on-screen, the makers decided to proceed with another part called Thor: The Dark World in 2013. However, Portman was soon replaced with Patty Jenkins and then Alan Taylor. As a result, Portman got very upset. But despite all the turn-offs, she was obliged to appear in the Dark World.

Jennifer Garner

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In early 2003, Jennifer Garner was famous for playing Sydney Bristow in Alias. The line between movie and TV stars was significantly there in the industry at that time. Despite all the lines and differences, Garner managed to woo everyone alongside her future husband in Daredevil. The movie ended up making a great box-office collection. Still, at the same time, Jennifer became contractually obliged to star in Elektra. While it bombed the box office, it also dumped Jennifer’s career as a movie star.

Val Kilmer

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Val Kilmer started off with two comedy films in the mid-1980s, Real Genius, and Top Secret. These movies put him on the radar but did not help him get recognition. Val did not want to play second fiddle to the megastar Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The actor recently revealed that “I didn’t want the part. I didn’t care about the film. The story didn’t interest me.”

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