War movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither everyone enjoy watching it. But one thing is a fact that once you start watching war movies, you are intrigued by them. Why are they fascinating? That’s because you know they are based on true events. Even if the filmmakers have added a pinch of drama in it, they still are based on true stories. But as we said, war movies are not for everyone. It has elements that not everyone can handle. But that doesn’t mean you cannot watch them at all. You got to start from somewhere. So, here’s a list of war movies you can watch. Check it out!

1. 1917 (2019)

War Movies: 1917
War Movie: 1917

It’s a thriller war movie with a pinch of drama (obviously). It gives us a different portrayal of the first World War wherein two soldiers are given a task that seems impossible. The movie and actors’ performances are such that you’ll feel you’re living the movie! It is that good. Also, some people call it “a visual spectacle“. The direction and execution of the movie are mind-blowing. No wonder why it was a massive hit!

2. The Thin Red Line (1998)

War Movies: The Thin Red Line
War Movie: The Thin Red Line

This historical war drama movie shows us some unique fighting styles and strategies used by the Japanese during their island warfare. It beautifully shows how the line between victory and morality is blurred out. The movie is visually captivating and the score is beautifully crafted. Lastly, the casting is on point!

3. The Hurt Locker (2008)

War Movies: The Hurt Locker
War Movie: The Hurt Locker

This movie had the guts to talk about Iraq War. When you watch the movie, it feels as if you’re with the soldiers. The performance of actors is that realistic! The Jeremy Renner starrer movie is about Sergeant William James (played by him) who is supposed to train a bomb disposal team. However, he has a reckless approach towards his task that gives rise to conflicts with his subordinates. It is needless to say, Jeremy Renner nailed this role (for those fans who only think of Renner as Hawkeye, this is something new for you!).

4. Come And See (1985)

Come and See
War Movie: Come and See

The 1985 Soviet anti-war film will surely give you chills! The plot of the movie focuses on the Nazi German occupation of Belarus. It’s a wonderful mixture of psychological, apocalyptic, and political themes. The movie is so good that it is considered to be one of the best war films of all time. To conclude, the makers didn’t shy away from portraying what horrors a human being is capable of!

5. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Saving Private Ryan
War Movie: Saving Private Ryan

The movie makes it clear to the audience at the beginning of the movie only that they’re not in for a fairytale! It begins with a scene on the bloody beaches of Normandy. This movie comes from the master of war movies, Steven Spielberg. He’s made many war movies that are better than the other. But which movie tops the list? Fans say Saving Private Ryan! It’s about Cap John Miller who is assigned the task of searching Private James Ryan.

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