The Harry Potter film series was wrapped up in 2011 after an astounding eight years running. Ever since then, fans have been keeping a keen eye out for any official announcement about the future of Hogwarts and its magical system. One thing that is sure is that JK Rowling has more stories to tell about her characters- who could have been portrayed better in the films.

As with any series of films, certain characters evolve and others remain static, depending upon the portrayal. At times, the characters change their looks and style or even grow older within their own universe. This is true in the Harry Potter movies as well. With that being said, these are the 5 Harry Potter actors who could have done better with their characters –

Characters: Fred And George Weasley

Harry Potter Actors
Actors: Oliver and James Phelps in Harry Potter

Fred and George Weasely were two identical twins that spent years at Hogwarts. Played by Oliver and James Phelps, they were best known for their love for everything, particularly jokes and pranks. The students from Hogwarts were not allowed to use magic outside school. That is perhaps why the twin brothers left Hogwarts fairly early to pursue careers in the joke shop business. While the characters were driven quite smoothly out of the franchise, the actors could have blended it with something of their own. Some emotional touch could have been sparked, at least towards the end of Deathly Hallows II.

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Character: Voldemort

Harry Potter Actors
Actor: Ralph Fiennes in Harry Potter

Throughout the series, Voldemort’s appearance kept changing, however not drastically. But apparently, Voldemort, portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, does not develop or change at all. The character remains this attention-seeking megalomaniac with his goals of first finding a physical form and then rising to power once more through ideologies that do not waver throughout the whole series. The actor, on the other hand, could have brought a lot to this character; for example, an essence of empathy that is sane yet heartless.

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Character: Minerva McGonagall

Harry Potter Actors
Actor: Dame Maggie Smith in Harry Potter

McGonagall was strong-willed and benevolent throughout the Harry Potter series. After a while, fans became worried that she’d retire to become a cat lady. The character never changed in terms of personality throughout the series. From wearing glasses to having an extra chin, her sass almost entirely took on a different meaning than what it did before. Played by Dame Maggie Smith, this character was always grumpy, blunt, and full of sass which burst out unexpectedly.

Character: Hagrid

Harry Potter Actors
Actor: Robbie Coltrane in Harry Potter

Hagrid is a tall but lovable half-giant in the Harry Potter series. He becomes something of a father figure to Harry. Beginning with his introduction throughout the story, Hagrid is depicted as taking great care and interest in Harry’s wellbeing and happiness. Over time, there have been some bigger emphasis on Hagrid’s past. However, the actor who played Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane, could have highlighted a lot more about the character’s inner feelings.

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Character: Dumbledore

Harry Potter Actors
Actor: Michael Gambon in Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore is a character that comes to many people’s minds instantly when thinking about the story. He serves as a classic example of how older characters know what it is they’re doing, and why. Dumbledore always played a prominent role in the story from the very beginning and his importance has been known to fans since the beginning of the series’ first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But, played by Michael Gambon, Dumbledore remained much of a mystery for the fans as we uncover more about him posthumously after his death.

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