Hulu has been rising as one of the leaders when it comes to great shows and content. It has released many shows of its own and additionally even distributed content for the others. There are a lot of comedy genres coming on the way for the streaming platform including How I Met Your Father.

However, there are many other shows for fans to look forward to this year! 2022 is going to be a strong year for the streaming services with the releases!

1. The Old Man – TBD

Hulu- The old man

There are many comedy shows on the release, but Hulu has shown other genres lined up as well.  The Old Man is a thriller that is set to release this year. It is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Thomas Perry.

The show will focus on a former intelligence officer who has to return to the same world he is almost assassinated in. The series already has a powerful cast. Jeff Bridges has been bagged for the lead character, who has been a part of so many movies and TV shows. John Lithgow will also be joining him.

2. The Dropout – March 3rd

The Dropout

These days, it has been a trend to make TV shows based on podcasts. And these shows have even proved to be successful and loved by many. The Dropout is joining that list.

The show will be focusing on Elizabeth Holmes who is infamous for creating the company Theranos. Kate McKinnon was originally set to lead the show but then Amanda Seyfriend was hired to replace her. But she is not the only “big name” to star in the upcoming series. Joining her are other big stars such as Laurie Metcalf, William H.Macy, and Naveen Andrews.

3. The Orville: New Horizons – 10th March

Hulu – The Orville

The series Orville has been regarded as one of the best science fiction series of recent years and rightly deserves all the credit. It is one of the best series created by Seth MacFarlane, who is himself the major star of the series. He brings his comedic sense and his love for science fiction to the show making it hilarious.

The show previously aired on Fox and has now moved to Hulu. This will be the third season of the series.

4. Dollface – 11th February

Hulu- Dollface

Female friendship is a theme that has been explored many times in TV shows, both comedy as well as drama. Dollface is a comedy take on the same. It focuses on a young woman who is trying to rebuild her lost female friendships in the aftermath of a breakup. After she was dumped by her longtime boyfriend, she needs to rekindle the friendships she has left behind.

The second season promises to be better than the first one.

5.  Life and Beth – 18th March

Life and Beth

We all agree that Amy Schumer is one of the greatest female comedians! She has brought her comedic touch to all the projects she has been a part of and it has helped a lot. The series Life and Beth focuses on Beth (played by her), whose successful life as a wine distributor has a great deal of insecurity that she hides.

The series will be focusing on her efforts to engage with her past.

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