No one really admitted that they are a Loki fan, until the Marvel and Disney+ series, Loki showed up. It feels like the character became more interesting after discovering his past, future, and goals. This was the exact time when MCU fans discovered what character development actually means.

We all have seen how he says no when given an opportunity to rule Earth. He opts to stay with the timeline so that he could prevent something drastic from happening. But keeping everything apart, there is a scene where Loki tells Sylvie that “I just want you to be okay.” Coming that from Loki was really shocking and something that made him sound more heroic.



If you remember how Wesley used to be when first showed up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer after finishing Angel, it will be difficult to recognize him today. He used to be an uptight comic, bumbling, and relieved character that turned into a dark hero with time. He was truly one of the most intriguing characters by the end of the film. Apart from Cordelia, it felt like it was Wesley who had a complex and transformative journey. There is a scene that melts everybody where Wesley echoes “I’ve changed. I’ve seen a darkness in myself.”



Zuko begins as an angry teenager who runs to “regaining his honor” so that he could learn that honor is something that is already inside him. This character from Avatar: The Last Airbender used to work with Aang to atone for his character development and learn to do the right thing after working against them for years. That is what true character development should be like.



This very character from One Tree Hill was immature and insecure in the beginning. Davis always used to party. She was a wonderful friend, a mother, and a respected CEO. Later in the reel time, she realizes that she owes her past mistakes and stays with those who needed her. Well, frankly speaking, Peyton did not deserve her as a ‘best friend forever’.



Lydia was a powerless, prissy, and selfish teenager who hid her intelligence in Teen Wolf. But, by the end of the series, her character development made her turn into a powerful banshee with an IQ that is above 170. Her only motto then was to help her friends. Fans loved this version of her.



This character from The Good Place was pretty much of a trash person in the beginning. In her own way, she “sometimes left H&M wearing more underwear than she was wearing when she came in.” But, in the middle of the series, she is found to be continuously fighting against the odds to find and discover the truth. And when finally she gets an opportunity to go into the Good Place, she decides to stay back with her friends. This was an epic version of character transformation ever seen on screen.

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