Of all the MCU villains in our list, only a few have no powers of their own except their skills and their genius. If they were in Squid Game, which MCU Villain Squid Game participant would have won?

Mysterio – Can Reach Till Second Game (Dalgano Candy)

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

By himself, Mysterio has no superpowers. Quentin Beck has a brilliant mind but his most favored strategy is fooling others into believing his cause. Deception and theatrics is his game. While they may help him win a first few rounds, it will become increasingly difficult for him to continue his charade. As the games become more and more difficult with the population of participants filling, Mysterio will find the game get into his head. When pushed into a corner, Quentin is known to make silly mistakes that cost him everything. For him to make it to the final round will be nothing short of a miracle.

Crossbones – Can Reach Till Third Game (Marbles)

Frank Grillo Crossbones
Brock Rumlow

Crossbones is on this list because he has some traits and abilities that make him a capable participant. Brock Rumlow is a strong man. He arm-twists his way into getting the job done. And people like that do make it far in Squid Game. He is trained in martial arts and is in peak human physical condition thanks to Hydra and SHIELD. Any guy who can give Captain America a run for his money deserves a spot on this list. Although we are not sure how he would manage to ultimately win Squid Game. Maybe he will put his years of experience as a black ops soldier to use to give him a tactical advantage.

Batroc The Leaper- Can Reach Till Fourth Game (Tug Of War)

batroc the leaper 1
Georges Batroc

Batroc fairs a little better than Crossbones because he managed to fight both the Captain Americas and live to tell the tale. Unlike Brock Rumlow, he knows when to retreat or give up. A smart man, indeed!! He is also a very capable fighter and his physical conditions are almost on par with Steve Rogers’, if not higher. He is also quite resourceful as a villainous vigilante. He would certainly find a way to get to at least the fourth game.

Erik Killmonger – Can Reach Till Fifth Game (Glass Bridge)

Erik Killmonger

The guy has almost every trait and ability needed to win Squid Game. Erik Killmonger fooled and entire nation. In Marvel’s What If series, he managed to fool the whole world into believing him. Mere 456 participants will be nothing for him to manipulate and pull the strings of behind the scenes. Quick on his feet and incredibly gifted in physical attributes. Killmonger can easily get till at least the Glass Bridge game before his luck finally runs out. But if Lady Luck still smiles on him, her may even get past that to get to the final Squid Game.

Sharon Carter – Can Reach Till Sixth Game (Squid Game)

Sharon Carter Power Broker Falcon and the winter soldier
Sharon Carter

As the Power Broker, Sharon Carter managed to fool everyone. To top it off, she managed to keep her real identity hidden. Let’s not forget Sharon Carter is one of the most prized possessions in SHIELD‘s arsenal. If she can manipulate veteran Avengers like the Falcon/Captain America, she can easily do it again in Squid Game. But we are not sure if she can fight off the menace that is at the top of our list and is sure to win the game if he is in it.

Helmut Zemo – Can Win Squid Game

Plus Barron Zemo.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

The only non-superpowered villain of the MCU that has the mental as well as physical acumen in balanced proportions to make mincemeat out of Squid game is Baron Helmut Zemo. Brilliantly tactical and use of genius level strategies is what he is known for. He did what no ther villain before him could – break the Avengers. Zemo still has enough clout to kill the Flgsmashers. To win Squid Game, what one needs more than physical strength is discipline and focus. Zemo even has an unassuming aura that will never attract any danger or threat his way, allowing him to plot and conspire in peace. He could easily win the Squid Game.

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