With the upcoming Robert Pattinson movie, the Batman fever is higher than ever and Ben Affleck is still dominating the conversation about who’s the best Batman. Why is it that so many people are still fans of Ben Affleck as Batman? Here are 6 reasons why we think he still remains a fan favorite!

He has nailed the classic ‘Batman Look’

Ben Affleck Batman
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Quite literally tall, dark and handsome, Ben hit all the right notes. Pulling off the smug yet weary look as Bruce Wayne as well as the menacing and buff Batman, he meets all the requirements. Not only that, he nailed the The Bat Voice and given how much time Batman spends beneath a mask doing his thing, it becomes even more important that Ben’s Bruce Wayne can still sound like Ben’s Batman.

He played the ‘Broken Knight’ exceptionally well

Ben Affleck Batman | Animated Times
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Ben wanted his version of Batman to convey “grief and a tortured soul” and not to be portrayed simply as a “brave, fearless hero” like we saw with Christian Bale‘s take on the role. His aim was to showcase a version of Bruce Wayne who is constantly looking over his shoulder; somebody who has made plenty of mistakes in his time and who is consistently re-evaluating his life choices. Safe to say, he successfully portrayed the vulnerable and burdened hero in all his glory.

He pulls off the Dark persona with his Intimidating Fighting Skills

Ben Affleck Batman
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With Ben Affleck’s relentlessly brutal attacks acted out so well, his intimidating combat skills take the entire cake. The brutal and dangerous punches make even the audience feel bad for the bad guys and there is no denying that these are some of the best fight sequences in the Batman franchise with his impeccable fighting style.

His performance sells the heartbreak of watching our heroes fall

Ben Affleck Batman | Animated Times
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Seemingly disoriented and out of character, Ben’s Batman isn’t on a path of glory but instead at a point where he seems distant from his own identity and strayed from his mission, burdened and tired after years of struggle and fight for justice. Affleck not only gave us the performance of a lifetime but also stayed true to his imagined version of Batman.

He maintains the threatening tone of his character till the end

Ben Affleck Batman
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Ben’s Batman will definitely go down in history for being the most accurate with his psychologically threatening and physically intimidating portrayal. He never lost the sight of the version of Batman he wanted to showcase and was able to impress the audience with the imposing nature truly reflected well in the character.

Ben and Bruce Wayne are a lot alike

Ben Affleck Batman|| Animated Times
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We don’t mean anyone any harm when we say that, but Ben and Bruce Wayne’s struggles have been similar to an extent and they’re both now tired old men ravaged by time. Ben himself said that he’s just like this guy Bruce Wayne. This is also why he’s the perfect Batman on screen, giving a performance that will stay with us even 10, 20 or 30 years down the line. 

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