Thor: Love and Thunder is bringing in the Oscar winning actor, Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. Ever since Thor 4 was announced at SDCC last year, people have been presuming that Gorr will be the main villain. And when Christian Bale came in, it became even clearer that we will be getting the God Killer. So, Kevin Feige basically confirmed what our guts had been telling us for a year or so. Bale is just the perfect fit for Gorr. But what makes Gorr a great villain? Well, let’s look into his backstory in order to find out.

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He is a fairly new villain as he made his comic book debut just 8 years ago. Back in November 2012, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribić brought Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: God of Thunder #2. His origins go deep into the rich history of Marvel comics, as he is over 3000 years old. Ever since his debut, he became a fan favorite villain due to his extremely tragic backstory. He hails from a grim planet where his mother, soulmate and children perished. He was a man of faith, but he lost that belief in the Gods after the losing his ones. Then, he was banished from his tribe due to his atheist beliefs. And, upon finding out about Thor and the other Gods, he vowed to kill every one of them.

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To accomplish his goal, he would go on to possess the perfect weapon, i.e. the insanely powerful All-Black Necrosword. He got his hands upon Null’s Necrosword, after witnessing a deadly battle between the God of Symbiotes and another Golden Deity. The origins of the All-Black were revealed by Galactus. Apparently, this sword was the first Symbiote/Klyntar, and it was forged in the head of a dead Celestial. In the MCU, that head is Knowhere. So, the place where the Collector’s vault exists could be tied to the creation of the All-Black Necrosword. In fact, the All-Black could also bring other symbiotes into the MCU.

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Christian Bale’s Gorr would definitely wield the Necrosword in Thor: Love And Thunder. The All-Black grants its wielder the ability to fly by forming symbiote like wings. It further allows the user to create an army of berserkers made completely out of darkness. And it also forms blades and weapons of any shape and size! Although, there’s a chance that these wings, weapons and berserkers may or may not look Symbiote-like, depending upon the agreement that Marvel has with Sony.

Gorr the God Butcher And Necrosword

Moving on, the greatest feature of this sword is that it is a literal God killer! The wielder of this Necrosword can actually kill Gods. As mighty as Thor is, he’d certainly be vulnerable when he takes on Gorr the God Butcher. Chris Hemsworth has confirmed that Thor is in the MCU for the longer run. But now that we’re also getting Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, there’s a major chance that Hemsworth could have said all that to subvert our expectations. Christian Bale’s Gorr could lead us to the demise of our lovable God of Thunder, leaving us all crying towards the end of what’s supposed to be a big budgeted rom-com.

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In the comics, Gorr obviously tried to kill Thor for good. But ultimately, Thor managed to stop Gorr and banish the Necrosword into a black hole. Later on, King Thor would actually bring back the All-Black Necrosword in order to take on the Devourer of planets, Galactus. Let’s hope that Thor would be able to survive the events of Love and Thunder, so that we’d get to see a bit more from both the thunderous couple of Thor and the Mighty Thor. Furthermore, it’d be amazing to see Thor bringing back the Necrosword to go up against Galactus within the MCU.

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To conclude things, we believe that Gorr’s origins will be altered a bit in order to fit him into the continuity of MCU. It’d be interesting to see if he’d have certain ties with Hela, the Goddess of Death. His abilities with the Necrosword are slightly similar to Hela’s. So, Marvel might have to change things up in order to differentiate between Gorr and Hela.

We’re really psyched to see how Christian Bale is going to approach the role. He has an amazing range, and could turn into the most threatening MCU villain. His involvement certainly makes Thor: Love and Thunder the most enticing Phase 4 film. So, mark your calendars for May 6, 2022!




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