The Kissing Booth till yet has been a successful franchise for Netflix but was there really a need for the second and third movies?
But there is a third movie releasing whether we like it or no!

Actors Joey King and Joel Courtney have already let it sort of slip that the Kissing Booth will coming to Netflix on August 11, 2021!

Yes some of the fans are very excited but before everyone bites their fingers off, we have got y’all covered with all the details you need to know about the third and hopefully last part of this franchise.

What Has Happened  In Kissing Booth 1 and 2 Till Now?

Kissing Booth starring Joey King of The Conjuring and Fargo fame is a Netflix original.
It tells the story of Elle Evans who is a “ late bloomer” apparently has never been kissed and ends up running a kissing booth at her high school’s Spring Carnival.

She ends up kissing her secret crush who is a famous and bad boy Noah Flynn played by Jacob Elordi.

And now comes the problem:  Noah happens to be the brother of her best friend Lee played by Joel Courtey. And according to the rules of their friendship pact, siblings of best friends are off dating limits!

Elle’s life turns upside down and after a lot of drama she realizes that she must ultimately make a choice which either follow the rules or follow her heart.

The sequel ends with Elle facing her decision to go to Harvard  so that she can be with Noah or go to Berkeley to fulfill her friendship promise to Lee.

(Now this is an hilarious part as she conveniently got in to two IVY league colleges and she will be deciding it on the basis of these boys in her life. Wow)

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The Kissing Booth 3 : Cast And Release Date

The third part of the franchise will be premiered on Netflix on 11th August 2021.

Netflix had confirmed that the third movie shortly after the release of the sequel in July 2020, revealing that the third movie had already been filmed !!!!
That meant that the pandemic global situation wouldn’t affect its release at all.

In a new reel released by Netflix about their upcoming films, Joey king and Joel Courtney let it sleep that The Kissing Booth 3 will be out on August 11, 2021.

“ I got so excited, I ate 11 churros”, Courtney said with King adding “ Ate 11, hmm? Which sounded like “8/11” and in the Us format that August 11 !!

Along with the surprise announcement of the third movie it was confirmed that all the main cast will be back.

The Kissing Booth 2 Cast Have BIG Surprises | #TKBFanFest | Netflix



What Can Be Expected From Kissing Booth 3



The third set of movie will obviously revolve around Elle’s MAJOR life decision : Will she join her boyfriend Noah at Harvard or  be with her Best Friend Lee and go to Berkeley?

Elle had a tough time patching up her relationship with Lee after lying to him about many things and being insecure about LDR.
Let’s see how it turns out for her now.

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