Aaron Carter is dead. The star, who was of the tender age of 34, had a fan following ever since he was a child, with his appearance since the late 90s, in works like I Want Candy, Aaron’s Party, and That’s How I Beat Shaq.

He was a budding celebrity, who had a career as a singer, rapper, and even an actor. Alas! What could have been and how it actually turned out. But new details have come to light about Carter’s mysterious death.

Aaron Carter found dead under mysterious circumstances

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter found dead at the age of 34

Aaron Carter was found dead in his California home last Saturday. And it was really hard for his fans to console themselves. The reason they couldn’t reconcile themselves to his demise was because of how sudden it all was. There has been no official disclosure about the reason behind the Fool’s Gold singer’s death.

But it has come to light that his body was found in a Bathtub, according to TMZ. They have not been able to arrive at a concrete decision about what it was. Detectives, according to TMZ, are analyzing this from the angle of homicide. But it was also reported that it was a standard procedure for law enforcement agencies.

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Aaron Carter was suspected of Driving Under Influence soon before his death

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter was suspected of driving under influence three days before he died

But soon after the tragic incident, new events have come to light. It is reported that the Popstar actor was stopped by police, just three days before his demise, for driving under influence. He was pulled over following the reports that he was driving an RV in a manner that could have caused harm to people around him. He was later let go by authorities after he passed field sobriety tests.

But it is a well-known fact that Aaron Carter battled drug addiction throughout his life. He was caught driving under influence back in 2017 as well. He also claimed that he was subject to drug abuse and had a troubled time dealing with his addiction. But those are not the only problems plaguing him. He also faced relationship problems and mental health issues.

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A history of drug abuse, mental issues, and relationship problems

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin
Alan Carter had an on-and-off relationship with Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter had a relationship with his on-again and off-again fiancée, Melanie Martin. The two, who went Instagram official in January 2020, have been through several rough patches, which seem to have taken a toll on the Circle of Life singer’s mental health. Despite these, the two welcomed a son, Prince, last year.

It was the loss of his custody battle that put Carter on the precipice of the cliff. He lost the infant’s custody following claims made by his 30-year-old fiancée that he broke three of her ribs in a domestic dispute, claims which were refuted by Carter and later confirmed to be false by Martin herself. But they still caused him no end of trouble, and he was forced to get himself checked into an outpatient rehab.

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