Actors are just as important in the filmmaking process as anyone else. They have to channel a part they’ve never played before and do it while putting on a performance no one will ever forget. Actors have to memorize their lines, and because of that, every time they go on set, they have to put it out there and hope it comes out looking good. There are times when an actor can be less than talented or maybe their muse just doesn’t strike when they need it to. As a result, they start overacting. With that being said, these are the 5 actors who are infamous for overacting –

John Travolta

Some people view the movie Battlefield Earth as a complete betrayal of the sci-fi genre and a painful shotgun wedding between bad acting and an equally incoherent plot. All of these criticisms are entirely correct. However, it would be unfair not to take into account the immense dedication and overacting that John Travolta brought to every scene throughout this film. During every line delivery, you could almost imagine his eyes darting back and forth frantically in search of any overlooked nuance hidden within the lines.

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Actors who overacted in Hollywood
John Travolta in Battlefield Earth

Tommy Wiseau

The best way to watch a movie like The Room is with as little foreknowledge of its content as possible. From the very first frame, it should become readily apparent that Tommy Wiseau did not have clear ambitions when acting in this film. He intended to portray a complex drama that would confuse and leave viewers with no choice but to either laugh or lose their sanity trying to understand what was going on. Rather than take advantage of the creator’s mistakes, let us appreciate his madness and overacting in bringing that character to life.

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Actors who overacted
Tommy Wiseau in The Room

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is quite infamous for overacting. In fact, it’s something he usually does well to bring the best if he can. However, occasionally when an actor decides not to overact and prefers to stay calm during the shoots, that’s exactly when things go the opposite. And this is exactly what happened with Pierce Brosnan in Taffin (1988).

Actors who overacted in their career
Pierce Brosnan in Taffin

Faye Dunaway

According to the autobiography of Christina Crawford, her famous mother Joan was a monster in every sense of the term. With that being said, the film Mommy Dearest was a dramatization of an expose written by the adopted daughter of classic Hollywood actress Joan Crawford. Although different versions of the truth can vary, Christina Crawford’s story goes that Joan would have adopted her as part of a publicity stunt, making her one of several children that were created out of wedlock.

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Her narrative describes circumstances in which her family life was particularly difficult with such events as being strapped to the bed and locked in closets for hours as punishment for failings and alleged misbehavior by Joan. Apparently, it was Faye Dunaway who portrayed the role of Joan Crawford. Taking the story a bit emotionally, Faye underwent some hilarious acting notion that looked more funny than scary.

Actors who overacted
Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest

Jeremy Irons

Irons don’t really care if others think he’s being taken seriously in this movie. He just wants to put his body and soul into every line, so that he can ensure that every single movement and spoken word is delivered with enough intensity. It’s debatable which of those lines the best are. But we think there’s nothing to beat him when he starts shouting at a dragon as if he needs all of its rages before he goes on to snarl/laugh-like lines with such intensity you can practically feel them physically. Jeremy would have been equally satisfied delivering these lines in a low-key manner. But apparently, he opted to overact during that scene.

Jeremy Irons in Dungeon and Dragons
Jeremy Irons in Dungeon and Dragons
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