How does it feel when you try to build something for years and suddenly destroy it in seconds yourselves? What would it be? Your career, image, reputation, and credibility. Just like any other profession, the acting profession sucks up the time and energy of the actors. It takes a lot of hard work and precious time to become successful in this field. Luck doesn’t favor all the actors. Some have to work their a**es off to become successful actors. However, some actors do something intentionally/unintentionally that destroys their career in SECONDS, literally. Check it out!

1. Jennifer Grey

Actors: 'Dirty Dancing' Star Jennifer Grey
‘Dirty Dancing’ Star Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was the ’80s darling having appeared in big projects that made her a sought-after actress. However, we don’t know what struck her mind to get her nose job done! This affected her career. Jennifer almost looked unrecognizable and made it difficult for filmmakers to cast her. She said, “It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job.” She looked beautiful then, she looks beautiful now. However, this one decision affected her career.

2. Wesley Snipes

Actors: 'Blade' star Wesley Snipes
‘Blade’ star Wesley Snipes

This is why it is said to pay your taxes on time. Wesley Snipes was doing great in his career having appeared in projects like “White Men Can’t Jump” and “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar“. But somehow things went down the drain for the actor as he didn’t pay the taxes. His tax offenses were so bad that he went to jail for the same. This affected his career for a long time. He started making his comeback in 2020. But, the fame he was enjoying back then won’t be the same now (for some time at least!).

3. Paz de la Huerta

Actors: Paz de la Huerta
Paz de la Huerta

“Boardwalk Empire” star Paz de la Huerta is known to have created a lot of scenes. She is one of those who would happily take her clothes off for a role that demands something like that to be done. But things started going out of hand for her. Reports of weird behavior started coming in. It was said that she entered a sauna naked (the only one with no clothes on!), rubbed honey all over her body, and then all of a sudden scolded the people working there! Wait, what? Well, this is not it. It was also revealed that once she shaved her pubic hair in public mid shoots (via Uproxx). This is not it. The list is long but we’ll conclude it here!

4. Michael Richards

Comedian and actor Michael Richards
Comedian and actor Michael Richards

Michael started as a comedian and turned into an actor. He appeared on the famous sitcom “Seinfeld“. Post that, he returned to stand-up comedy that gave birth to “The Michael Richards Show“. However, this lasted only for a season. Why? That’s because during one of the episodes he couldn’t take the criticisms by a person from the audience and used racial slurs to respond. Not just this, he made sure that that person was thrown out of the club. Soon the video of the incident surfaced online and went viral. All this was too much to handle and people demanded an apology. Michael did the needful and stepped out of the public eye.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Actor: Lindsay Lohan
Actor: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has had enough of the spotlight for years. She started as a child model when she just was 3 years old! So, the limelight isn’t anything new for her. However, things haven’t gone with her. She soon started to become problematic. She wasn’t regular on the sets, came late because she used to be partying hard all night, and whatnot! Lohan even went to rehab and got into an accident when she was discharged. Also, let’s not forget how crazy the paparazzi were after her. All these things affected her career a lot and her films weren’t performing well. All because she wasn’t able to handle fame well. However, she’s starring in 2022’s “Falling for Christmas“, and we wish her good luck!

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