Adele is one of the most successful artists in the music industry. With her glamorous professional career, one might forget that she has gone through several difficult times in her personal life. With things now tending toward the positive side, she is quite vocal about her relationship with her boyfriend, Rich Paul. Now that many are waiting for her to walk the aisle, her inner circle is now concerned about her.

English singer, Adele

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Ahead of her future with her current beau, her close friends, and family are worried about her due to her recent actions which might affect the plans she made up with her partner.

Too Much Party for Adele is Now Concerning Many Around Her!

Adele’s partying too much!

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The 34-year-old English artist, Adele is having a great time in her life. With all good things coming around, RadarOnline has reported that the artist has been spotted in several events which are now concerning her family and friends to whether she should slow down a bit. It is already known that the singer is enjoying her quality life moments with her beau, Paul Rich who are dating for 2 years now.

She has already opened up about her plans to expand her family with her new beau however her current lifestyle would likely affect her future plans if she continued to live her life way too much.

A source shared the outlet that her friends are aware that she is happy, yet they are concerned about how she would manage things going on around her.  “It’s nice for her to cut loose occasionally, but Adele doesn’t do anything by halves.”

She was recently seen partying hard with Lizzo who even shared how they had one of the best times ever. With her excessive party lifestyle, many are wondering if she had a change of heart regarding her future with her beau or not.

A Change of Heart in Paul Rich and Adele’s Future Plan?

Adele and Rich Paul
Adele and Rich Paul

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As per the reports, the couple was recently seen at Grammy Awards 2023 which made one thing quite clear their romance is still on fire. While reports earlier shared that the artist wanted to get married to her bae as soon as possible so that they can come one step closer to expanding their family.

With her new busy lifestyle, she completely changed the track of what was being reported earlier. The source shared,

“It’s a real U-turn from six months ago, when [Adele] was vowing to be ultra-healthy while they tried to get pregnant as soon as possible.” 

Though there is no confirmation whether the lovebirds have decided to put her baby-making plan off the table or they are just relaxed about the same. Whatsoever the reason is, her inner circle is worried about her and wants her to ease things up a bit.

Source: Radar Online

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