Adele has had quite a successful career. The English singer made swirls when her debut album, 19, came out. Ever since it has been about going from strength to strength for her. A feat she has accomplished with aplomb. Her career has blossomed into being one of the finest ones out there. But all might not be going well with Adele’s private life. She recently dropped her latest album, 30. In one of the songs of the hit album, she made a reference to feeling lonely out there. And she recently opened up about what she exactly meant by the lyrics.

Adele lets it all out

Adele’s song My Little Love was dedicated to her son

Adele dedicated the song, My Little Love, to her son. The song, which was released soon after she divorced her former husband, Simon Konecki, explained what she was going through. How she started feeling lonely for the first time in a while. The song includes voice notes, notes which were recorded when the 34-year-old was alone or in session with her therapist.

Adele could be heard saying,

“I have a hangover, which never helps but… I feel like today was the first day since I … felt lonely. And I never feel lonely.” She continued, “I love being on my own. I always prefer being on my own than being with people.”

Looks like the times really got to her.

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What it all meant

British singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Adele shares what the song meant for her

30 is an album that Adele would definitely hold close to her heart. In some of the songs, she could be heard talking to herself, Hold On is one such song. My Little Love also holds an important place in her heart. Talking about 30 in an appearance on Q With Tom Power, the Rolling in The Deep star spoke at length about what was going through her mind when she recorded My Little Love.

She said, “At the end I say, it’s the first time I felt lonely and I love being on my own but I’m just really really lonely.” The host interjected, “That’s quite a gift to give to people.” She said, “Yeah, maybe, yeah. I just definitely by making that song it sorted out some of the clutter that was going on in my ability to talk about how I was feeling.”

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Adele is going through the toughest phase of her life

Adele finds the loneliness overwhelming

Adele continued, “It was definitely a big breakthrough emotionally not even just musically for me.” The Someone Like You star needed this album. It comes at a time when she is at odds with her personal life, at a time when she is trying to figure out what she wants from her music.

The Easy On Me star knows that it won’t be smooth sailing ahead. Expressing her hopelessness, she revealed that it might even take her another 10 years to get back to normal after she has already done a lot to cope with the separation.

Only time will tell how she fares.

Watch the video here:

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