Marvel’s dive into Egyptian mythology with Moon Knight was met with love from the fans. The emotionally hitting yet action-packed show brought mental illness to the forefront. Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Marc Spector/Steven Grant was praised widely by the critics, and the actor said the show was “most creatively fulfilling” for him. Recently, Oscar Isaac revealed that there was a scene that he really loved but was deleted from the final cut.

Oscar Isaac talks about the sad scene that was cut from Moon Knight

Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) in Moon Knight - Oscar Isaac Reveals Moon Knight is His Career's Greatest Embarrassment
Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) in Moon Knight

The scene centered around Steven/Marc’s mother’s connection to the Goddess Ammit and would have added more depth to the fan-favorite phrase “Later’s gators”. Talking about the scene, Oscar said,

“There was a great scene at the end of [Episode] 6 that just didn’t quite fit in the rhythm of it and that was one scene that, for me, would have tied in mother and Ammit a little closer, because that’s also why I came up with this “Later’s gators” thing because then she says, ‘After a while, crocodile.’ And so for me, that’s like… she said, ‘Crocodile.’ She was the crocodile goddess that’s saying, ‘I wish I could pre-judge you because you would never have… this never would have happened.’ So for me, it was really important even if the audience doesn’t get it literally, that there’s some even subtextual emotional connection to everything that’s happening.”

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Oscar Isaac talks about the complexities of playing two characters

A still from Episode 4 of Moon Knight
A still from Episode 4 of Moon Knight

Isaac also talked about the complexities of playing two characters that have to be in sync with each other and understand each other’s emotions in real-time.

“It was difficult to understand just how complicated it was going to be… even just preparing for it, you know, until you’re there and realizing that not only is it you know two separate characters but sometimes I’d be playing two separate characters watching… themselves in the past interacting as well.”

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Oscar Isaac opens up about Episode 5 of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight

The actor also talked about Episode 5, wherein the two characters go through their memories and come to terms with the trauma that they experienced during their childhood.

“So in a way in the scene for instance, in Episode 5 where Steven watches Marc from the past break down in front of his parent’s house and so… Steven’s watching Marc, and then Steven watches Marc turn into Steven from the past… Marc from the present watches Steven from the present watching Marc from the past turn into Steven from the past. You know, and all that, we shot on the same day. So… all of them have to have their very specific point of view, their emotional truth to what’s happening at that moment, and also holding the entire story in one’s mind to… have it make sense and be telling a story. So that kind of twisting of the brain and figuring out… you know, being very specific with each one and what’s happening with each one, that was it was just such an incredible mountain to scale.”

The show’s deep exploration of the character’s psyche has left the fans demanding a second season. Hopefully, Marvel will announce the second season soon, and fans will get to explore the characters even further.

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