Don Lemon has been receiving major backlash from the public due to his insensitive remarks about categorizing a woman’s prime as per her age. Since then, his doom is coming at a great speed. With his recent actions, it would be quite difficult for him to appear in a public event as it will bring nothing but criticism to him.

Don Lemon
American TV host, Don Lemon

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Following his backlash, he decided to apologize for his mistakes however that it was not enough for people to forget his remarks. As per reports, he will not be a part of a lucrative NYC Event.

Don Lemon Backed Out from Being a Host at an NYC Event

Don Lemon
American TV journalist, Don Lemon

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The 56-year-old TV host, Don Lemon is trying his best not to highlight himself in any way especially since his recent remarks are now backfiring him as TMZ reported that he has decided to step down from being a moderator in an upcoming NYC event on Tuesday.

He was scheduled to be moderating for an event that will address race and real estate in honor of Black History Month. He decided to step away from the lucrative gig all because of his misogynistic remarks about Nikki Haley. Even the event coordinators at Douglas Elliman agreed with him.

As per the outlet reported, Elliman’s real estate broker John Gomes is the replacement for the former who will be hosting the gig with the event going as scheduled.

Don Lemon Faced Backlash Following His Sexist Remarks

Don Lemon
CNN This Morning co-anchor, Don Lemon

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Last week, Lemon in an episode of CNN This Morning threw some harsh remarks about Nikki Haley by stating,

“She thinks people, you know, politicians or anything, are not in their prime. Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime, sorry. A woman’s prime is considered to be in her 20s, 30s, and possibly 40s.”

His insensitive theory garnered major criticism from the public including his co-host, Poppy Harlow.

Due to that, he was not on TV to kick off this week with the ratings of the show majorly dropping. However, he has decided to acknowledge his actions and apologized for the same. It is even reported that he will be returning to the network on Wednesday and will participate in formal training for his sexist remarks.

Source: TMZ

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