Will Smith has been making headlines since early this year due to the infamous Oscars controversy that also involved Chris Rock. After the incident, the former faced mixed criticisms regarding what he did however his career took a great toll due to his actions. After going through a long journey, his new film, Emancipation is getting negative criticism for what happened at the premiere night.

Will Smith
Will Smith [Getty Images]
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Smith has returned with his historical action film and has recently held its first screening in Washington, D.C. Due to a picture that was revealed in the premiere, the fans are outraged.

Emancipation Starring Will Smith Unveiled The Original 1863 Photo of The Enslaved Man

Will Smith in the Emancipation
Will Smith in the Emancipation

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The Emancipation, a historical drama film starring Will Smith had its first screening on Wednesday night in Brentwood, LA. During the premiere, film producer Joey McFarland walked the red carpet holding a photograph of the enslaved man that inspired the movie.

For the unversed, This movie is inspired by the 1863 photos of Whipped Peter which were taken during a Union Army medical examination, that first appeared in Harper’s Weekly. 

In a conversation with Variety, McFarland shared “I have the photo, this is the original photograph from 1863,” adding that “I wanted a piece of Peter to be here tonight.”

He further highlighted that the pictures or the artifacts were not been preserved, taking the responsibility to build a collection for the future generation. He plans to donate his collection for education purposes after he dies.

He emphasized that this movie is not just for entertainment purposes but “It is a conversation that is needed, it needs to start and continue and keep growing and evolving. We just need to come together,” he said.

Through this movie, he wants the future generation to recall the past to avoid doing the same mistake.

Joey McFarland Called Out By Fans for Owning The Enslaved Man’s Photograph

 Joey McFarland showcasing the picture of enslaved man in the premiere of Emancipation starring Will Smith
Joey McFarland showcasing the picture of an enslaved man in the premiere of Emancipation

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Due to the photograph, the film producer was slammed for owning it with many wondering about his actions. The Black List founder Franklin Leonard went to Twitter and shared his opinions on the same.

Not just Leonard, many had raised their doubts over the same thing. Check out the tweets below.

Will Smith plays the character of Peter (original name Gordan), who was brutally beaten on a Louisiana plantation and decides to escape from the cruelty of white slave owners. Given the criticisms, the movie is receiving, it is hard to say if the movie would impact the Bad Boys star’s career.

One of the reasons behind the film’s getting mixed reviews was the Oscars controversy involving the lead actor who slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. It all happened when the latter joked about his wife’s bald look with Smith taking the rash decision. The 54-year-old actor is banned from attending the future Academy ceremonies for a decade.

Source: Variety

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