American Hollywood star Will Smith has been through a long journey to get to where he is today. After switching his career to acting, he became one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. He is recognized for his work in films, television, and music, which bagged him multiple accolades making his career as successful as any other A-list actor.

Will Smith
Will Smith[Getty Images]
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Even after being recognized by the industry, he was involved in an infamous incident that changed his whole life. Amid the Oscars controversy, Smith has come back with a historical action film, Emancipation, which according to the actor is the most difficult role to date.

Will Smith Opens Up About His Brutal Shoot While Filming Emancipation

Official poster for the movie Emancipation starring Will Smith
Official poster for the movie Emancipation

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The 54-year-old actor, Will Smith has returned after a massive controversy that surrounded him till earlier this year. He was spotted along with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith at the premiere of Emancipation on Wednesday night in Brentwood, LA.

In an interview with Associated Press, the actor shared the major problems that he went through to complete the shooting of his new film.

Getting called the N-word [a]hundred times a day by really good actors. It was rough, but it was difficult for everybody.” 

Though he further added,

It’s like recreating those scenes and, you know, having to — we’re out there in a lot of the actual locations where those things happened and, you know, it was — it was a brutal shoot.”

He continued to explain the surrounding that also participated in filming the movie from a brutal perspective.

“The weather was brutal, the subject matter. And it was like, you know, in order to sustain the energy of the film, it was like everybody was having to tap into real ugliness, you know?”

Not just that, in another interview, he spoke up about this movie being the most difficult one he has ever done.

Will Smith Revealing Emancipation Being The Difficult Movie He Shot to Date

Will Smith in the Emancipation
Will Smith in the Emancipation

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In an interview with EW, he mentioned that this film is “the hardest film I’ve ever shot.”

He explained,

“The swamp, the gators, and snakes, and spiders — and then we had a COVID shutdown. We had a hurricane. We had the heat index clipping up at 115 degrees. I mean, it was absolutely grueling.”

He also mentioned that him disliking bugs were one of the reasons that made filming quite a challenge for him.

“And I don’t like bugs, so that was a big one, being up to your neck in a swamp. But all of that adds to what you see on camera. It’s like you can feel the difficulty of the shoot in the texture of the scenes. It was grueling, but I love it. I am as proud as I have ever been of a piece of art.”

It’s not a secret that he is afraid of bugs and who can forget that he was terrified when he spotted a Tarantula at his home!

The movie Emancipation revolves around a runaway slave who risks his life to showcase the cruelty of white slave owners. Apart from Smith, the movie stars Ben Foster and Charmaine Bingwa.

A Brief Note on Will Smith’s Oscars Controversy

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock, during the 94th Academy Awards.

Back in March this year, King Richard star slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

The reason behind this rash action was that the latter made fun of Smith’s wife’s bald look remarking that it made her look like the GI Jane protagonist.

For the unversed, his wife suffers from a medical condition named alopecia which leads to massive hair loss. Soon after, the former was spotted slapping the comedian on the live stage.

After the outburst, Smith publicly apologized to the comedian following his resignation from the Academy and is now restricted from attending their ceremonies for the next 10 years. Even though he tried to contact Rock after the incident, he was not able to reach him.

Emancipation will be released in limited theatres this Friday before its Apple TV+ release on December 9, 2022.

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