With the Hulk’s rights back at Marvel Studios, there’s so much potential for new Hulk stories. And guess what? Duy Nguyễn has expressed his desire to play Amadeus Cho in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So now, Marvel fans excited about the prospect of seeing a new Asian superhero in the MCU may not have to wait much longer.

Amadeus Cho is a beloved character in Marvel Comics! Known for his exceptional intellect, he is ranked as the seventh smartest person on Earth. His brain works like a supercomputer, making him a genius in all kinds of scientific areas.

Amadeus Cho
Amadeus Cho in Marvel Comics

In the comics, when Bruce Banner, the first Hulk, gets too much dangerous radiation, Cho steps in. He uses nanotechnology to soak up Banner’s Hulk powers. This transforms himself into a new, intelligent Hulk known as the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk.’

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Because of his intelligence and skills, Cho has been part of many superhero adventures. He’s even been a member of the Illuminati, which is a secret group made up of the smartest and most powerful heroes on Earth.

Duy Nguyễn Eyes Marvel Role After Starring in The Sympathizer

Duy Nguyễn in The Sympathizer
Duy Nguyễn in The Sympathizer

In a recent interview with Agents of Fandom, Duy Nguyễn, who shared the screen with Robert Downey Jr. in The Sympathizer, expressed his desire to portray Amadeus Cho. He said:

“ You know, there is actually an Asian version of the Hulk, Amadeus. I would like to be him.”

Amadeus Cho is a Korean-American character in the comics who’s really, really smart. Think of him as being as brainy as Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Bruce Banner (the scientist who becomes the Hulk).

The groundwork for introducing the character in the MCU might already be in place. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, viewers are introduced to Helen Cho (a brilliant geneticist who creates the cradle that birthed Vision). Interestingly, she is Amadeus Cho’s mother in the comics.

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While Age of Ultron doesn’t explicitly mention Helen having a son, it leaves room for the possibility of Cho existing within the MCU. Considering the secrecy surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D. operations, it’s plausible that Helen wouldn’t bring her young son to work. So, the door is definitely open for him to show up in the MCU later on.

Here’s where things get interesting. If Cho was around during Age of Ultron (which took place in 2015) and wasn’t blipped out of existence by Thanos, he would currently be a teenager. Additionally, Helen Cho’s research on nanomaterials could be a really clever Easter egg.

The Perfect Entry Point for Amadeus Cho in the MCU

Amadeus Cho
Amadeus Cho (Image via: Marvel)

If Marvel is planning to introduce Amadeus Cho, several upcoming projects could provide the perfect launching pad. One possibility is Captain America: New World Order, a film rumored to feature an array of Hulk-centric characters, including Bruce Banner, Red Hulk, and even the Leader. Amadeus Cho’s scientific expertise and connection to the Hulk would make him a natural fit for this movie.

The Young Avengers project is one of the most anticipated upcoming projects in the MCU, and it could be another great opportunity to introduce Amadeus Cho to audiences. Even though Cho hasn’t been part of the Young Avengers in the comics, his intelligence could make him a valuable addition to the team.

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