The adorable green risque boy

The trailer from the latest Star Wars series features the most adorable character. Baby Yoda has swept hearts and souls with a cuteness overload and the media isn’t late to this. It has created memes and fan drawings, the latest being Saturday night live. Kyle Mooney plays this adorable character from Star Wars on the shows “Weekend Update”, the sketch usually features the latest news and updates from his life.

saturday night live ruined baby yoda

The comedy show then decided to go on a borderline adult-friendly theme with a touch of raciness. Baby Yoda talks about several different adult themes as he talks about who slept with whom on the set of The Mandalorian. He then went up a notch talking about babby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and how he would snap the marvel baby like that of a twig. 


The surprise

The character has been one of the biggest success when introduced at the climax scenes of the premiere of The Mandalorian. Disney had planned on keeping the character a secret to the point where they wouldn’t have any toys being developed until the show had premiered. Bryce Dallas Howard who is involved as a director of the show had admitted on how nerve-wracking it was after directing this episode with the little green guy.

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The excitement fear and joy

Howard said her experience being quite stressful and yet exciting with this phenomenon on the baby. One of the most nervous parts of this was the fact that her kids were sometimes on the set and they had seen and interacted with the baby. When the filming was going on the children where 6 and 11. Now they are 7 and 12 When they were asked about what they would speak on at school, they often replied laughing, Baby.


Source: comicbook


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