All Villains Confirmed To Appear In “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (And One Rumoured)

Spider-Man: Far From Home is introducing a lot of new villains into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They range from major characters like Mysterio to MCU incarnations of Hydro-Man and the Molten-Man.

Far from Home’s trailers certainly went all out with the reveal of the major battle against Thanos. It showed how it will impact Peter Parker’s next big adventure. Peter is shown to be still reeling from the death of his mentor and father figure Iron Man Tony Stark. But there’s trouble on the horizon as the Snap of the Infinity Gauntlet has opened up a gateway to the Multiverse- through which Mysterio and the Elementals have arrived. So lets take a look at the villains who will be appearing in the movie:


Mysterio will appear in Far From Home.
Mysterio will appear in Far From Home.

Mysterio’s appearance is no mystery. Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the main villain, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Gyllenhaal’s character was originally kept a secret all throughout the production. His appearance was confirmed only after set photos leaked online. But the fact that Mysterio is finally appearing on screen (after first being considered for Spider-Man 4) isn’t the biggest detail here. Trailers have revealed that Far From Home’s Mysterio is apparently from another dimension. The trailers also say that Mysterio needs Spidey’s help to defeat the Elementals who have wrecked havoc on his planet. But Mysterio has always been a trickster akin to DC’s Mxyzptlk. It remains to be seen how many of his words are true and how many false.


Hydro Man in Far From Home

One of the Elementals in Spider-Man: Far From Home is Hydro-Man. Hydro-Man was revealed in the first trailer and it was even confirmed by producer Eric Carroll during Screen Rant’s visit to the movie sets.

In the comics, Morris Bench was a crewman on a US cargo ship that was accidentally knocked into the sea by Spider-Man as he was battling Namor then. Unfortunately for Bench, his vessel was testing a powerful experimental generator. So his body was transformed into a form of living water. Hydro-Man has been a constant thorn in Spider-Man’s side since then. Blaming his fate on Peter’s mistake


Molten man. Pic courtesy:
Molten man. Pic courtesy:

There were also hints that a lesser known Spider-Man villain called the Molten Man would be appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Just like Hydro-Man, Molten-Man’s presence in Far From Home was confirmed in the reader trailer for he movie.

In the comics, Molten Man’s alter ego is Mark Raxton who was a New York born scientist accidentally exposed to alien radiation. As a result, his body was transformed into molten rock, and he gained the ability to project radiation and generate heat


Sandman. Pic courtesy:
Sandman. Pic courtesy:

Sandman was never rumoured for Spider-Man: Far From Home but his appearance as another Elemental was confirmed after he showed up in the first trailer. Sandman has already appeared in live action before in Spider-Man 3 where he was played by Thomas Haden Church. This makes him the first villain to be reused by the MCU.

In the comics, William Baker was a criminal. He had transformed into a sand based shapeshifter after coming into contact with irradiated sand at a nuclear test site. His powers aided him in his fights with both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.


Chameleon. Pic Courtesy:
Chameleon. Pic Courtesy:

In 2018, it was reported that Numan Acar had joined the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home for a Character called “Dimitri”. It was immediately suggested that he could be playing Dimitri Smerdyakov who was better known as the Chameleon. This classic Spider-Man villain is a master of disguise who uses his skills for international espionage. He has even on occasions kidnapped and replaced Peter Parker. But thankfully he has never realized Peter’s secret identity. So far evidence for Chameleon’s involvement in Spider-Man: Far From Home is pretty slim, going no further than Acar’s character name.

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