The world was thrown off balance by Shakira’s split from ex-boyfriend and football player Gerard Pique, and as soon as it became known that Pique had cheated on her, everyone united to her side.

After the custody agreement with Pique, the singer, who had moved to Spain many years earlier to live with her partner, decided to relocate to Miami, Florida. However, it appears that Shakira’s difficulties are still ongoing shortly as she was spotted with Tom Cruise at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami earlier this month, and dating rumors about her and actor Tom Cruise began to spread like wildfire.

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Shakira is facing challenges with media in Miami

Shakira’s challenges with the media continues in Miami

Shakira spoke about how it hurt her deeply when her sacred relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique was exploited to garner attention and money during an interview back in October. Sasha and Milan, who are old enough to comprehend what is being said about their parents in the media, are the other two children for whom she expressed concern.

However, the Colombian singer has now moved to Miami with her children in an attempt to start over, but it now appears that they are not only there. She issued a stern warning to the media, saying that she had set a limit on how close they could get to the children.

Shakira’s statement said, “please refrain from following them to the exit or entrance of the school, waiting for them at the door of our house, or chasing them to their extracurricular activities, and playfully has happened every day in Barcelona, in order to obtain photographic captures or better ratings”.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique separated after 11 years

El Nacional reports that the singer had to issue a stern statement because she was weary of being harassed by the media, journalists, and paparazzi and wanted to stop it. The pressure from the media has gotten too much, and the Colombians are looking for quick fixes.

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Is Shakira asking Tom Cruise to ‘leave her alone’?

Since the two were seen together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami earlier this month, there have been rumors that they may be seeing each other, according to reports.

Shakira and Tom Cruise at Formula 1 Event
Shakira and Tom Cruise at Formula 1 Event

However, according to additional reports, the Colombian singer is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship of any kind with Cruise, who is most likely interested in dating the singer. The singer is devoted to her family, especially since her life has come under the spotlight. According to a source who provided more details about the two’s interactions this month, she has allegedly been ‘begging him to stop flirting with her,’ according to a magazine.

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Shakira makes Tom Cruise ‘giddy’

The singer and Tom Cruise have known each other for a long time, but they haven’t had a proper conversation in a casual setting, and the Formula 1 event proved to be that setting, according to a source who attended the event.

Shakira at the Formula 1 Grand Prix event in Miami
Shakira at the Formula 1 Grand Prix event in Miami

The insider added that the actor appeared excited when he met Shakira and that this was similar to how he behaved around his ex-wife Katie Holmes. They said, “He came away convinced they had a real connection they needed to build on.” But unfortunately, the singer is not on the same page as Cruise; “She was simply being friendly and posing for photos with Tom one minute, then the next he was seemingly describing her as his dream woman”.

The reports have also mentioned that the message has been received by Cruise and he has acknowledged that he is not going to give up on love.

Source: MARCA

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