Amber Heard recently lost the infamous trial to ex-husband Johnny Depp. The actress released a statement after her loss in which she expressed her disappointment at losing the case despite the “mountain of evidence”. In the note shared on Twitter, Heard stated that the verdict is “a setback” for women and that “it sets back the idea that violence against women is to be taken seriously.” Despite the loss, Heard’s legal team is not backing down, and they have a plan to file an appeal.

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Amber Heard to file for appeal after losing defamation trial

Amber Heard during Defamation trial
Amber believes this verdict is a “setback for women”

Despite losing the trial, the verdict did state that Amber Heard’s case was not false. Heard’s legal team’s plan to file an appeal is not foolproof since legal appeals take years, and according to experts, they are difficult to win. Though, it is necessary that she appeals because she is liable to pay a huge amount of money due to the loss of the trial.

David Ringa Los Angeles civil trial lawyer, while talking about Amber Heard’s loss, stated,

“It’s a long, expensive process, but when you’re facing a $15 million judgment, you certainly have to probably pursue that.”

Internet against Amber Heard due to the highly publicized trial

Amber Heard at the trial
Amber Heard at the trial

Since the trial was live telecasted and covered extensively by the media, the people on the internet had already chosen Johnny Depp’s side even before the verdict. This highly publicised nature of the trial turned into a dramatic act and reduced the seriousness of the situation. It is also possible that people’s opinions on social media may have influenced the jury. 

Law experts say Amber Heard’s appellate case should be assessed by Judges and not the Jury

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Rebekah Sullivan, another expert, stated that,

“I would expect the appellate portion of the case, where the audience is judges, to focus more on legal arguments and a lot less on the theatrics that we saw in the trial where the audience was a jury.”

There is no saying about whether Amber Heard will win the appellate case or not, but it certainly will help if the case is no longer publicized since the public opinion is already against Amber Heard.

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