Andrew Garfield is indeed an amazing actor, notably known for his Spider-Man role. The actor is brilliant at pulling off both action and drama equally, even enough to grab an Oscar nomination for multiple films. However, before making his gig in the film industry, Garfield was known to have a mischievous side. This incident in Prince’s bathroom seems to be the result of his mischievousness, which went too far.

Andrew Garfield gatecrashed the Prince’s party with pukes

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield

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Singer Prince
Singer Prince

However, as the night passed, Garfield dived in headfirst and started to drink more and more. After partying with celebrities for a while, he began to feel sick. While speaking to The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, The Amazing Spider-Man star then recalled the incident that made him embarrassed in front of all the big names in Hollywood.

“I was in the line for the bathroom, just in front of Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. I was just so full of myself, and anxiety, and joy, and alcohol, and I ended up praying to the porcelain god for about five minutes, it was disgusting – (I vomited) blueberry pancakes made by Prince – and then I came out of the bathroom just so ashamed.”

The incident occurred at a time during his initial days in Hollywood, when he had just landed a role in Lions for Lambs. Feeling a sense of joy and achievement, the actor decided to make the day by celebrating.

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In the interview, The Hacksaw Ridge actor expressed his regret and even conveyed his apologies to Bandidas pairs Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz for the awkward situations they encountered, emphasizing their admirable quality and for not judging him.

“I apologize if either of you are watching. You are… you are goddesses, and I appreciate your work so deeply. And I’m sorry for that experience. “You were so sweet to me in the line. I was trying not to vomit, and you guys talked to me; you didn’t even… you had no reason to talk to me”.

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Garfield also humorously compared himself to the socially inept lead character from his 2004 comedy Napoleon Dynamite, indicating that he felt out of place or awkward in that situation.

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