If you are a fan of horror movies, you must have heard of the Conjuring Universe, and the Warrens. We saw Ed and Lorraine Warren tell us about all the different cursed and demonic objects in their basement. 


It is shown in the movie that the objects hold evil and are too dangerous. They are kept sealed and are not allowed to be touched causally. The room is even blessed by the priests regularly. 


Annabelle Is In The Collection 

Annabelle Comes Home

In the Conjuring Universe, Annabelle has been an important figure. It is a doll possessed by a demonic spirit. Annabelle received its standalone movie some years back, and a sequel was released very recently.

Therefore, Annabelle Comes Home, shows that although the room with the cursed possessions in Warren’s house is creepy, there is one doll which is the creepiest. 


What Happens In The Movie

The Ferryman
The Ferryman

In the movie, not much of a backstory is provided for Annabelle. The story begins when Mary Ellen is babysitting Judy Warren(daughter of Ed and Lorraine). Judy is with her friend Daniela who accidentally goes into the Warren’s Office. That is when they mistakenly unleash the evils from the room kept in the cursed objects, starting with the Ferryman.

Mary and Judy find that Judy’s friend Daniela has been possessed by the Blood Bride. The BloodBride is guided by Annabelle. They move from library to office in the house as the demons are everywhere.

Thus, they encounter several monsters like the Ferryman and some hallucinations. There are some corpses as well in the house, which add more horror to the movie.


Aesthetic And Dark It was


The overall aura of the movie, every scene from Annabelle to Ferryman who acts as Anabelle’s bodyguard, is purely aesthetic. 

The dim lights, creepy sounds, and the scary settings along with the whole plot make the movie worth a watch.


The Office is The Creepiest Room 

Although the storage rooms seem the creepiest, the office of Warrens is the most cursed. It held some of the most dangerous demons and evils. 

Daniela and Judy unleash the evil from the room, after which Annabelle is released as well. Then we get to see the movie unfold slowly as it is.


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