Ant-Man & The Wasp may have become the most important movie in the entire MCU saga. More and more deleted scenes are coming to light. A new scene that was released quite a while ago has given us a lot of information to think about. This scene explores the Quantum Realm in ways we never thought was possible. Turns out, this psychedelic nexus dimension is home to many deep, dark secrets. Apart from making its residents immune to the effects of the Infinity Stones, it also has many other features the viewers are slowly discovering. It’s not just time that takes a turn when it is the Quantum Realm. The deleted scene has revealed entire universes may exist within the Quantum Realm.

The Quantum Realm Is A Backdoor To Endless Possibilities

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Quantum Realm

In 2015, it was revealed that Janet Van Dyne was stuck in the Quantum Realm after over-shrinking herself, ending up in a perpetual loop where her body kept shrinking in size to subatomic levels. The movie proved getting in and coming out of the Quantum Realm was indeed possible as Scott Lang managed to escape it. Hank Pym built a ship that could venture into this dimension and theoretically come out of it, unscathed from the effects of the Quantum Realm. When Hank finally entered the realm using his ship in Ant-Man & The Wasp and discovered Janet, she had already adapted herself to the dimension.

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The Original Wasp

For all these decades, Janet was left to survive using just her genius level intellect and her suit. Wrapped around a cloak and with a staff made out of her own wings, Janet Van Dyne became the world’s first true Quantum Realm survivor. She also somehow managed to create a device that served her well during her time there.

Worlds Upon Worlds

The deleted scene being termed “Worlds Upon Worlds” reveals the Quantum Realm is a place that is as mysterious as they come. There is literally nothing humanity knows about it. Whatever Hank Pym and Janet had discovered till then was not even a drop in the Quantum Realm ocean. Janet reveals that there were worlds, entire civilizations that survived and thrived within the Quantum Realm. The number of such civilizations was unknown but Janet claims they were “far more than [they] ever theorized.

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Janet Talks To Mysterious Quantum Realm Creature

Soon after that, a strange creature confronts Hank and Janet. The latter uses her mouthpiece device to tell it that they are just looking for safe passage. To that, the creature responds – “Go in peace.”  This means that Quantum Realm houses civilizations, universes even, that have technology that far surpasses that of Earth’s. And if Janet is correct, there are tons of such societies living within this dimension.

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Wasteland quantum realm
How Deep Does It Really Go?

Kevin Feige once claimed that the Quantum Realm has “various levels”. The deeper you go, the more convoluted and distorted everything becomes. The Quantum Realm had already served a major purpose by allowing the Avengers to travel back in time in Endgame. But the mysteries do not end there. What other secret does this realm hold apart from a microscopic multiverse?

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